Regional Police Chief Stephen Tanner now the longest serving Chief in the Country

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April 29th, 2021



Today, Halton Region Police Chief Stephen Tanner becomes the longest serving police chief in the country – 20 years.

His annual report to the Board is, according to the current chair Jeff Knowles, very impressive.  The Gazette will report on that when it is made public.

Halton Regional Police Services Chief Tanner wants to tweet with you.

Halton Regional Police Services Chief Stephen Tanner now the longest serving police chief in Canada.

Police Service Board meetings are not on the top of the list for very many reporters; unless there is something that has caught the public’s attention.

When Chief Tanner went out of the country around Christmas time many were upset and asking – why?

Turned out the Chief had permission to leave his post – that was given to him by the then Chair of the Police Services Board Oakville Mayor Rob Burton.

That decision cost Burton his job as Chair – he resigned.

Chief Tanner was one of many Chiefs who quickly told the province earlier this month, that Halton would not be using the additional authority the province had given them to stop people and ask where they were going and where they lived when the province was under a Stay at Home order.

Stephen The Regional Police have State of Emergency authority that they have not used and do not expect to use.  The City of Burlington Mayor declared a State of Emergency that immediately set the day to day operations of the city in the hands of an Emergency Control Group that makes decisions regularly at its meetings which often take place more than once a week.

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3 comments to Regional Police Chief Stephen Tanner now the longest serving Chief in the Country

  • Susan Corrigan

    What is it about the blue uniform that makes their racist,misogynist, sexist behaviour acceptable? Police stealing drugs, one of their own murdered,no suspects found. As a lifetime halton resident that has always had a sporty car l have been repeatedly stopped for no reason,powertripping at best. Tanner is responsible for this culture with his entitlement encouraging others to think they are above the law. Finally to those brave women, folks of other cultures that take on the once respected position as a police officer,best of luck in the pantheon of the white boys club. Hopefully the toxic culture in the Halton force will change for the better with educated recruits from all walks of life to better represent the wonderful community in which we live.

  • Eve St Cair

    Guess vacationing In Florida for 5 weeks last year during a Stay Home order was good for the Chief

  • Blair Smith

    Several comments here I believe. First, twenty years at the top spot is far too long for any Head of an organization. Even exceptional ones, which I’m sure Chief Tanner is, need to allow the organization to evolve with different styles and modes of leadership. Police departments need to adapt and change with the times and that is made even more difficult if there is not movement throughout all ranks. Secondly, imo, the Chief demonstrated a failure of judgement and leadership in his trip to Florida during a lockdown, inappropriate approval by the Police Board Chair or not. Finally, Tanner’s refusal to exercise the exceptional powers proposed by the province came, at least to judge by the timing of his tweets on Twitter, quite a time after Chiefs of other Police Departments. Perhaps it’s time to look to the rewards of retirement.

    Editor’s note: During his twenty years of service Chief Tanner was Chief at several police services – including Kingston and now Halton Region