Residents invited to take part in high powered panel to discuss city Integrated Mobility Plan

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October 7th, 2020



Residents are invited to participate in yet another free virtual event on the City’s Integrated Mobility Plan.

The City of Burlington is inviting residents to register for the upcoming free ZOOM event on the City’s Integrated Mobility Plan. Learn more about the commencement of the Integrated Mobility Plan study in this virtual facilitated panel discussion on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020 from 7 to 9 p.m.

Join the virtual panel discussion with industry leaders where we’ll explore:

• the future of mobility,
• opportunities and challenges related to public health and the environment,
• social impacts of transportation and
• how planning for a multi-modal transportation network will shape how we’ll get around over the next 25 years.

Panel Participants
Moderator: Mary Rowe, President and CEO, Canadian Urban Institute
Dr. Dianne Saxe, Environmental and Climate Lawyer
Dr. Amed El-Geneidy, Professor, School of Urban Planning, McGill
Robin Mazumder, Urban Neuroscientist, Doctoral Candidate at the University of Waterloo
Nancy Smith Lea, Director, The Centre for Active Transportation
Todd Litman, Founder and Executive Director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute

Burlington’s Integrated Mobility Plan
Integrated Mobil PlanWork on Burlington’s Integrated Mobility Plan is underway. The plan will be built around eight pillars which, when implemented, will result in a new era of transportation that:

• Provides a wide range of options for getting around regardless of age, means or ability, including walking, cycling, public transit and automobiles
• Uses compact modes of travel like buses, bicycles and walking to efficiently move larger number of people
• Is well connected to transportation systems in surrounding regions
• Offers fast, reliable and more frequent transit
• Features improved facilities and safety for cyclists and pedestrians

The eight pillars of integrated mobility are:

1. Align land use and transportation
2. Connected mobility
3. Healthy and safe
4. Moving people efficiently
5. Managing congestion
6. Sustainability
7. Affordability
8. Innovation and integration

For more information about Burlington’s Integrated Mobility Plan and to register for this event, please visit

Kaylan Edgexxx

Kaylan Edgecumbe, Manager of Integrated Mobility Transportation Services

Kaylan Edgecumbe, Manager of Integrated Mobility Transportation Services explains that “Over the next 25 years, the City of Burlington is going to grow in its urban areas and we need to provide people with choices on how they will move through our city. It is important we design and build a transportation model that will support people of all ages and abilities with options like walking, cycling and transit.

“Building more roadways is no longer sustainable and this integrated mobility work will have a great impact on our communities and climate change for future generations.”

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