Response to the Mayor's call for a Front Line Clap goes unheeded.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

April 4th, 2020



It is said that it is the thought that counts.

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward wanted to show a little love for the front line workers and asked citizens to join her for a Front- Line Clap as one way to show appreciation for the people who are working to protect us.

In a report to the citizens of the city Mayor Meed Ward said:

“I want to thank all our healthcare and front-line professionals for their remarkable work in this crisis, from doctors and nurses to janitorial and operational staff at our hospitals and doctors’ offices, to bus drivers and grocery store workers and the entire logistics chain that manufactures, delivers and sells the essential food and supplies we all depend on. I know they are working long hours, spending time away from their families and loved ones, and faced with new challenges and difficult decisions like never before. Our entire city owes them a debt of gratitude for their skills and service. They come to work every day for us, and they are the reason the rest of us need to stay home and help stop the spread of COVID-19.

“This Friday, April 3rd, please join me in showing your appreciation for all these heroes through the Front- Line Clap at 7pm. Stand on your front porch, front step, or balcony to clap for 2 minutes so they can hear our gratitude.”

It didn’t quite work out that way.

The Gazette spent some time in the area the Mayor lives in – the streets were quiet except for a father on a bike teaching his son how to maneuver his small bike.

Mayor with iPad on deck

Mayor sets up her iPad on her veranda. Was the intention to broadcast the clapping?

The Mayor came out onto her veranda and set up her iPad.

There were no neighbours on their verandas.

A local photographer happened along, chit chatted with the Mayor.

The Gazette photographer put the camera away and returned to the car.

Mayor talking to photo

Local photographer observes the six foot rule – chats with the Mayor.

A Gazette reader had hoped that hundreds of people would take up the Mayor’s call. The reader wrote:

“Put blue ribbons on my balcony & bundled up & waited for others in the neighborhood to join in with clapping or cow bells or shouting or honking of horns. NOTHING!!! I know we are all a little anxious right now, but a little appreciation for all those people looking after those affected by this insidious virus, are living with anxiety that we cannot possibly imagine. Bad on us!”

It is the thought that counts and the Mayor has it right when she says: “STAY home, STOP the spread, SAVE lives”

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15 comments to Response to the Mayor’s call for a Front Line Clap goes unheeded.

  • Joe Gaetan

    FYI The Strata at 551 Maple was there front and centre, shouting from balconies ,clapping, blowing horns,whistling. We are also there every day at 6 p m. and join in on other tributes. Kind of like if a tree falls in the woods and you didn’t see it did it really fall? So, yes for the record, we supported our Mayor and our front line.

  • Alfred

    A Frontliner Day should be declared for Halton Region or Burlington. So we have some time to notify and inform the masses and really show our gratitude. I’m sure we can work with social media and businesses to promote this day and work within the parameters of safe social distancing.(No group settings). Burlington Stay Strong!

  • numnum

    we should have an ENCORE..this time we will spread the news ans we should use pots and pans and even car horns.Let our noise reach toronto to show the frontliners that we really appreciate what they are doing

  • Jim Young

    Great response on Daryl Drive in Aldershot. Lots of folks on balconies at Drewlo building at 945 banging pots, ringing bells, waving flags to neighbours on porches in surrounding courts. We’ve been doing this every night for a week now. The two minutes we spend on our balconies to thank all who are helping fight this, is also a great way to break the monotony of 24 hour isolation and reconnect with neighbours at a safe distance. Doing this every night we find the numbers keep growing. Those working to combat this pandemic deserve our two minutes.

  • Angela

    Sorry we weren’t louder over at Pearl and Lakeshore for Marianne to hear us. All three buildings were clapping, making noise and cheering with thanks for the front line workers … with a special thx to the staff at Pearl and Pine Retirement for the tremendous job they are doing taking such good care of the residents. We are out/will be out each night at 7:30pm in recognition of these amazing heroes..

  • William MacKinnon

    South East Burlington. We were out there with our neighbours. Clapping and cheering.
    Helps break the feeling of isolation. Chatted safely and checked in with neighbours.

  • Susan

    Silvan Forest drive north walkers line. There was some noise up here
    I don’t believe everyone was aware of the event

  • Josie

    This is what was happening on Holtby at 7 last night.

  • Lots of activity where I live near the hospital

  • Don Fletcher

    There were people clapping & banging pots on their balconies along Lakeshore, in view of Joseph Brant Hospital, but not in large numbers. I’m married to a career ER nurse at JBH and President of the nurses’ union there, and I know that all front line staff value gestures of kindness & appreciation. Theirs are largely thankless jobs. We are in the calm before the storm on COVID-19 & I am confident residents will become more enthusiastic in their support in the tough weeks to come.

  • Judy christie

    Quite a few balconies at Bunton’s Wharf were noisy. Could be not a lot of people knew about it. I know we all want to thank all of our essential workers!!
    Tonight, at 8:30 I did hear that all of Canada should be out on balconies,etc. clapping, so how about it folks, show your appreciation for our front line workers.

  • Carol Victor

    I have been dismayed by the lack of civic engagement for a long time but I was hopping mad last night as this request was ignored by our whole complex on North Shore Blvd just down from the hospital….so disappointing when these workers are putting their lives on the line for us every day…not knowing is no excuse!

  • Claudette Mancini

    The folks in the Maple-Brant area were very noisy! There were sirens from EMS responders, noisemakers and a few ardent clappers.

  • Glenda

    I for one have not been paying much attention to FB posting or e-mails, which probably is not the norm, and did not go on line and see post until it was underway and almost over….so I,m thinking what can be done for an individual salute and what came to mind was the song “Tie a yellow ribbon etc… just like kids painting rocks took off… what about the thought to start a movement to tie, something, anything, either around a tree on our property, or veranda ???just a thought.

  • Rob Allan

    I suppose it depends where you were but there were quite a few appreciative families on Lucust and in the high rise near Brant Florist.