Results of 2021 Commercial Motor Vehicle Blitz

By Staff

October 10th, 2021



The Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) has compiled the results of this year’s two-day commercial motor vehicle (CMV) enforcement blitz held at Woodbine Mohawk Park in Milton. This year’s installment of the annual event was held on October 5-6.

The purpose of the CMV blitz is to conduct proactive enforcement and ensure compliance with legislation pertaining to mechanical fitness, weights, load security, safety and licencing.

Police Officers inspecting a truck pulled over for a safety check.

With the help of neighbouring police services and agencies, officers were able to inspect 402 commercial motor vehicles with the following results:

2021 Results

• 126 Vehicles taken out of service (31% failure rate)
• Total charges laid (Provincial Offence Notices): 253
• Sets of licence plates seized by police: 8
• Mandatory Alcohol Screenings conducted: 135

2020 Results:

• Total commercial motor vehicles inspected: 340
• Total commercial motor vehicles taken out of service: 96 (28% failure rate)
• Total charges laid: 250
• Sets of licence plates seized by police: 7

Mandatory Alcohol Screenings at the blitz also led to licence suspensions for four drivers (this number was 3 in 2020).

“This was the 20th year the Halton Regional Police Service has hosted the Commercial Motor Vehicle Blitz, and with the help of our partner agencies it has become the largest of its kind in Ontario,” said Traffic Services Unit Sergeant, Will Clayton.

“Mechanical fitness, load security and weight compliance continue to be an issue we are seeing on our roadways. These trucks are complex machines that require a commitment to maintenance and due diligence in daily inspections by the operators.

Credit to those in the industry that are making it a priority. Safe trucks, safe drivers and safe loads benefit everyone. Operators who choose to neglect their duties will be held accountable. The Halton Regional Police Service is committed to elevating safety for everyone on our roadways.”

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2 comments to Results of 2021 Commercial Motor Vehicle Blitz

  • perryb

    Whenever I am on the road I watch each dump truck, flatbed, and cube van with great suspicion, thanks to these annual blitzes.

  • Philip Waggett

    Glad to see these safety blitzes happening. While many people might look at the statistics and find them quite high, I’m actually surprised that they are as low as they are. Readers should keep in mind that the police are targeting vehicles that are older and may appear to be defective, so I would expect a number of charges to be laid. Most of these charges are likely paperwork offences. What is disturbing of course is that there are some owner/operators who continue to put unsafe vehicles on the road.