Rib Fest on Labour Day attendance bigger than on Canada Day

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September 9th, 2020



They made it work.

Despite a downcast day a total of 2,751 cars drove into the Burlington Centre, carefully worked their way through a maze and decided which ribs they wanted, paid and drove home with the sweet smell of freshly charred ribs filling the vehicle.

Rib Fest traffic Sept 7

The flow of traffic was smooth – not even a fender bender.

Sami Bogle, part of the operations team at Lakeshore Burlington Rotary Service Club who held their second Drive Thru Rib Fest.

The cancellation of the annual fall Rib Fest was a covid fatality but that didn’t stop Rotary.

Rib fest volunters Sept 7

Volunteers are what make event like the Rib Fest work. From left to right) they are: Meiling Menin – grade 10, Maija Fotr – grade 9, Annika Fotr – grade 11 and Margaret Hayes – Rotary Burlington Lakeshore

ribbers rib fes Sept 7

This is what was on the menu.

Bogle said: “ I’d say it was a successful day! We had great feedback on social media about the choice of vendors, live music, and the change in logistics to ensure that the traffic was kept off of the main roads. The 2,751 cars, was just over the number we had on Canada Day.

“Though it was an overcast day, the weather was still great, so we feel very blessed. Our main concern had been the safety of our guests, vendors and musicians if the forecasted thunderstorms had persisted.”

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2 comments to Rib Fest on Labour Day attendance bigger than on Canada Day

  • Penny Hersh

    Perhaps this could be the future for RibFest? Spencer Smith Park could remain as a “passive” park that allows for families to meet and picnic and spend time together, rather than walking through a haze of smoke and wasps.

    Many residents purchased their food and went home to avoid the noise and the crowds.

    Spencer Smith Park looks great. The grass is green all the time and people are enjoying being in the fresh air with family and friends ( socially distanced of course).