Road conditions - traffic is moving on the QEW - salters are out on city streets

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March 13th, 2017



What does it look like out there?

At 9:20 pm on March 13th traffic on the QEW is moving

Snow - Burloak and Bronte

QEW between Burloak and Bronte.

SNOW - QEW at Guelph

QEW at Guelph line

Salters are currently out across the city.
Snow plows are ready to go once accumulations reach 5 cm on primary roads.

This snowfall might be the last of the season. Snow clearing to date has been very good on the snow clearing budget – unless we really get wacked there should be a surplus in the account at the end of the fiscal year; of course there is always the first three months of 2018 weather.

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