Rocca Sisters report that an incredible 82 properties sold for well under the asking price.

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April 25th, 2017



The Rocca Sisters have published data on the real estate market in Burlington and surrounding communities on a regular basis. The following is there most recent commentary and data.

Pretty much the same results as seen in Oakville, just on a smaller scale.

We are not seeing the same distance between asking price and sale price in Burlington where it is closer to an average of 6%.

The truly astonishing results are when you look at properties that were purchased around 5 years ago and have in some cases almost doubled in value.

A bungalow on North Shore that was purchased just over a year ago for $1,049,000 sold for $1.5 million. The only changes to the house was some new hardwood flooring.

A bungalow in Aldershot was purchased in 2012 for $705,000. It sold in March for $1,240,000 – no updates.

A two storey family home in Tansley was purchased in 2011 for $450,000 – sold for $970,000. Owners likely invested $25,000.

A property on Pathfinder in the Orchard was purchased in 2012 for $442,500 – it sold for $917,000.
Owners likely invested $75,000 – updated bathroom, kitchen and floors.

Incredibly, 82 properties sold for well under the asking price which further supports our belief that now more than ever before is it important to have a highly qualified and experienced real estate Team working on your behalf.

Rocca numbers

Great numbers if you are selling – tough going if you are a buyer. But with 82 houses selling for less than the asking – there would appear to be opportunities out there.


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3 comments to Rocca Sisters report that an incredible 82 properties sold for well under the asking price.

  • BurlingtonLocal

    Yes, David, you are the only person.
    And you clearly don’t understand the concept of meta-data nor statistics.

  • David Fenton

    Am I the only one that is having a problem with this kind of thing. Why are they publishing data about their clients, a little research using the published data and you could zero in on the client, if I was one of their clients I don’t think I would be at all happy about that.
    Also these are homes not traded stock, whether they were owned for thirty years or thirty months should be no reason to publish data in any form.
    You are sales people selling homes for clients which you are paid extremely well for.