Rule changes will prevent condominium boards from saying no to electric charging stations.

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April 23rd, 2018



There are more than 18,500 electric vehicles currently on the road in Ontario

More than 680,000 people in Ontario live in condominiums and more than 50 per cent of new homes being built in the province are condominiums.

With those two facts in hand it didn’t take the provincial government very long two put them together and come up with a program that would allow people to install charging station in the condominiums.
Some condominium boards do not permit he installation of an electric charging station.

condo charging station

Province changed the rules – condo board cannot say no to electric charging stations.

Starting May 1, 2018, new changes will be in effect to make it easier for condo residents to charge their electric vehicles at home as part of Ontario’s plan to fight climate change.

The new changes will:

• Reduce current requirements to make it easier for condo owners to get approval from their condo corporations to install an electric vehicle charging system in their condominium.

• Prevent condo boards from rejecting an owner’s application to install an electric vehicle charging system on condo property when the owner meets certain conditions.

These new rules to facilitate the installation of electric vehicle charging systems in condos will remove barriers to condo residents who own electric vehicles, or are thinking about purchasing one, by enabling them charge their vehicles where they live.

Ontario’s Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program has provided incentives worth approximately $2.5 million for the installation of almost 3,000 home charging stations since January 2013.

electric charging station 2

Once the charging stations are installed – a way will have to be found to share the things fairly.

The Climate Change Action Plan and carbon market form the backbone of Ontario’s strategy to cut greenhouse gas pollution to 15 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020, 37 per cent by 2030 and 80 per cent by 2050.The government will report on the plan’s implementation annually and review the plan at least every five years.

Tracy MacCharles, Minister of Government and Consumer Services pointed out that “One of the largest contributing factors that inhibits drivers from purchasing an electric vehicle is the fear of having nowhere to charge it. Condo owners have indicated they have faced challenges when trying to install charging systems on condo premises. Through these new laws, we will increase opportunities to install charging systems at condo properties in order to support residents who own or wish to purchase an electric vehicle.”

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