Saturday was rained out day. On Sunday Elvis at Polish Hall, Cottonwood at the Drummer and lots of bikes on Appleby Line.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  June 10, 2010   While Saturday was pretty close to a write off from a weather point of view and it was very difficult for the events being held outdoors at the Burlington Arts Centre as well as the Canadian Equine Outdoor Expo.  Sunday was a completely different day..

The sun blessed us all and there was plenty to do for those who got out.

All for a good cause - midriffs exposed and the dance of the seven veils - or at least parts of it were performed at the PERL fund raiser at the Polish Hall on Sunday.

Elvis is reported to have made an appearance at the Polish Hall where PERL Protecting Escarpment Rural Land was holding a fund raiser, but I didn’t see him.  I did see two genuine belly dancers who surely raised the blood pressure of a couple of the older lads as well as a bit of money for one of the better causes in the city.  The afternoon event had a Silent Auction, a Garage Sale and the bar was open.

The Cottonwood brass put on a nice little performance that consisted of music on instruments we don't see anymore and the story behind each piece of music.

A short drive south at The Different Drummer Bookstore, the Cottonwood Brass were performing before a small but rapt audience.  Small because the space available is tiny.  Saw instruments that I didn’t think people played anymore.  If you hear of an event this group is going to be playing at – make a point of taking them in.

Then across the city to the first Car Free Sunday event.  It was a decent first effort that somehow managed a four car pile-up on a street that was closed to traffic.

The streets weren't crowded but the turnout was worth holding the event again next year. Next car free day will be downtown July 15th.

The streets certainly weren’t packed but there were enough to claim the event was a success.  These things take time to develop a following.  If promoted more creatively and talked of as a way for community to get together we should see this become something of a tradition.

There will be a second Car Free event July 15th in the downtown core.  We will put up maps for that event a few days before hand.

Some chose to sit in the shade listen to the music and enjoy time with their neighbours - summer in the city

This Car Free Event was a Councillor Sharman and Councillor Dennison idea, which Councillor Meed Ward eventually bought into as well.  Dennison was in Holland on a trip he paid for himself, where he represented the city at a number of functions.  He had expected to be back in time to glide up and down Appleby on either his blades or his bike.  Didn’t see him but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t on hand.

While other  politicians were on hand it was more of a people event.  The Teen Tour Band put in an appearance and there was a very robust yet laid back family of musicians on the stage.  Pony rides were set up for the kids.

That there is a two horse hitch girls and boys. There was a time when farmers in Burlington took barrels of apples to the Freeman railway station where they were transported to Toronto and points east.

Then North on Appleby Line to the 1st side road and into the Iron Horse Equestrian complex where the Canadian Outdoor Equine Expo was being held.  They must have taken a hit on the Saturday with all that rain and by the time I got there on Sunday things were very quiet but there were some fine looking horses to be seen.  One magnificent two horse Percheron hitch and some very talented riders in the different rings.

Not everyone got out to enjoy the sunshine. This horse was part of a larger hitch that was used the day before.

It was one of those Sundays where families gather in the back yard with beer in hand and the BBQ sizzling and the kids in and out of the pool.

It was also a day to get out and about the city and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Now we go into Sound of Music week – we will have the full day by day schedule set out for you and get back to you with pictures that tell the story.


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