Scam artists offering a choice - both came from the same address hours apart.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

August 22, 2017



They seem to have forgotten me for a couple of weeks – but the scam artists have found my email address and are at it again.

Rule #1 – If it looks too good to be true that’s because it isn’t true.

Rule #2 – Check the address the email came from.

The latest – they came in today push the limits of credulity – if I don’t bite when they dangle Walmart in front of me – maybe Kohls will work.

Kohls survey

If I didn’t get sucked in by this one – they was another that was basically identical except for the name.

Walmart survey

Does Walmart every do anything about scams like this?

These things are like stop lights – when they are red – you stop.

At some point someone will come up with a way to jam all this crap. Maybe there is a GoFund Me angle here.

Ask everyone to send $2 with no fee – and set that amount as a prize for a bunch of the smart whippersnappers to come up with a way to send the junk back out into the universe.

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