School Board wants to listen to people and organizations that might be interested in using some space.

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October 6th, 2017



Community organizations and members of the public are invited to a meeting on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 7 p.m., to discuss potential planning and partnership opportunities within Halton District School Board facilities.

Partnership opportunities in existing schools and co-build opportunities in proposed new schools, as well as a new Board Administrative Centre, will be discussed at the J.W. Singleton Education Centre (2050 Guelph Line, Burlington).

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Education Centre – has been described as a development site.

The full list of facilities available for community partnerships and the community planning and partnerships policy can be viewed at

Potential partners are requested to bring relevant planning information such as population projections, growth plans, community needs, land use and greenspace/park requirements to the meeting.

It’s a bit of a step in the right direction.

The HDSB has not been as aggressive in marketing the opportunities that exist in the buildings they have. There are numerous opportunities for the Board of Education to partner with the municipalities.

There is a pressing need for additional facilities for Seniors north of the QEW – this is the time to start those conversations.

There are a number of people who were members of the Burlington PARC who thought there was a sharing of facilities opportunity that would keep Pearson high school open and the Nursery operation at the location.

Hopefully the Board will be more open to some innovative ideas.

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4 comments to School Board wants to listen to people and organizations that might be interested in using some space.

  • Steve Atkinson

    Just thought of a great use for these buildings that HDSB wants to vacate ASAP. You could use them as a place for students to learn, perhaps to put the overflow from the 150% Hayden overcrowding…maybe use them as well for an excellent community daycare and also…oh wait. Never mind.

  • Sharon

    Where are they going to put these community partnerships? IF Pearson and Bateman are closed Haydon will still be over capacity, Bateman merging into Nelson will make Nelson over capacity, after Pearson merges into MMR it will be over capacity. Apparently, the HDSB is going to make Aldershot into some magnet school, yeah right! So that leaves Central, I guess the Art Gallery can move in there or the Burlington Performing Arts oh wait they have a new building that’s not a 100 years old and falling apart!

    Yup, another check mark! Good work Stuart Miller!

  • Steve Atkinson

    HDSB just checking off another box. “Listen to the public” indeed! It’s beyond a farce.

  • A very disappointed parent in burlington

    Don’t you Think this is a little too late Halton District School Board Why did they not do this last year to partner with the community And reaching out to the community prior to closing two high schools in Burlington which has destroyed our city. Shame on you Halton District school board shame on you director Miller this is way too late