Schools will not open on the 4th of May - 'year is not lost' adds the Premier

Newsflash 100By Pepper Parr

April 14th, 2020



Doug Ford - habd to head

Premier Doug Ford – sweating out a very tough situation.

During a media conference call hours ago, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said that Ontario Schools would not be re-opening on May 4th and that the Minster of Education will be making an announcement on that matter in a few days.

The Premier added that the decision to not open the schools on the 4th “does not mean that the school year is lost”.

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1 comment to Schools will not open on the 4th of May – ‘year is not lost’ adds the Premier

  • Joe Gaetan

    My prediction, our schools will remain closed until the end of June. The slope of the Canadian case curve is negative (a good thing and thanks to self-isolation and spatial distancing) but, compared to Korea we are at least 60 days away from a % case change that is less than 1%. Whether the year will be lost, will depend on the will of the parties involved to put the students first. Too much valuable time has already been lost.