Sean Baird is the owner of three numbered companies registered as Third Party Advertisers. The boys are just taking care of business.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

October 9th, 2018



It looks as if all five of the numbered companies that were registered as Third Party Advertisers for the 2018 Burlington municipal election were formed by Sean Baird, head of the Ampersand Group – operators of several prominent Burlington restaurants.

The Gazette researched the second and last numbered companies that were once shown on the city web site. The first of the numbered companies was researched by a citizen who brought that information to our attention.

Baird 392The critical feature is the number given to the corporation.  Each of these corporations was registered on line.  When a registration is done on line the province gives the application the next available number.  That would suggest that all five corporations were registered by the same person at the same time.

This kind of work is usually done by lawyers.

Baird 395

The address shown on the forms we received is the same as a prominent group of lawyers.

There were originally six Third Party Advertisers registered and shown on the city’s web site. Five of the six were numbered corporations.

2657391 Ontario Limited    Sean Baird is the registered owner
2657392 Ontario Limited    Sean Baird is the registered owner
2657393 Ontario Limited    Not researched
2657394 Ontario Limited    Not researched
2657395 Ontario Limited    Sean Baird is the registered owner.

There are now just two numbered shown on the city web site.  They are:

Jennifer Beleck 

2657391 Ontario Limited

2657392 Ontario Limited

Everything that took place was legal.

What it tells us that there are people who had planned on running advertising, making robo calls, doing polling or anything else that usually gets done during an election. Those activities are usually an election campaign expense.

Candidates no longer have access to corporate or union funds.  However, anyone can create a numbered company, raise funds and spend those funds on an election campaign.

That appears to have been the plan for Burlington.  Until the Gazette began to shine some light on the dark corners of election campaigning.  That’s when several of the numbered companies were taken off the list of registered Third Party Advertisers.

How are you liking this election campaign so far?  The boys are just taking care of business.


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8 comments to Sean Baird is the owner of three numbered companies registered as Third Party Advertisers. The boys are just taking care of business.

  • Pluckers

    Once a snake, always a snake eh Baird………screw people, and restaurants for your own personal gain. Some things never change…. Karma is a MAJOR B!TCH……….

  • John J.

    Pepper Parr. I have diagreed with you in the past. But I thank you for this. This smear campaign is gross.

  • Bowring

    SB Prime downtown is one of the restaurants owned.

  • Jim Thomson

    What Restaurants are operated by the Ampersand Group?
    Sounds like a boycott is in order.

  • Thomas Riddell

    When people and their supporters know they are lose resort to smear tactics
    She still has my Vote

  • Joe

    If you look a little further, you will see the same Ontario incorporated numbers registered for the 3rd party advertisers are also the same ones used to create the Facebook accounts and GoDaddy Websites used to smear the mayor electoral candidate in the multiple Facebook attack ADs. Just sayin!

  • Stephen White

    I agree with Hans. I really wonder what would have happened had the Burlington Gazette not investigated this issue and brought it to public attention. Great work!

    It is extremely troubling when a handful of people with money, power and privilege attempt to exert undue influence over the outcome of an election. Their backroom machinations have no place in the electoral process. Why the provincial government doesn’t change the Municipal Act and eliminate this practice entirely is beyond me.

  • Hans

    What I am liking is that the Gazette is looking out for the interests of those of us who are not able to uncover this kind of information. Well done, and thank you!