She is back - Meed Ward took the summer off to recover from a serious concussion.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

September 14, 2015


Ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward brought her constituents up to day on the accident she was involved in that resulted in both whiplash and a serious concussion.

One SUV hit her van and forced her into the rear of another SUX.  The driver of the car that hit Meed |Ward was charged with careless driving. The Meed Ward van was written off.

Meed Ward at her old city hall office - the desk is as cluttered in her new space where she tends to fill up her voice mail box and overspend her postage allowance.  She promises to get back to people within 24 hours - and delivers on that promise.  Now she wants to deliver onher promise to keep spening in line with what is in the bank.

Even at 95% recovery from a concussion Meed Ward will keep her council colleagues on their toes.

Meed Ward explained that at the time she thought it was a “relatively minor accident, and I was more annoyed than anything. But the next day, at the urging of friends, I attended a walk-in clinic because I felt something wasn’t right. I learned I had sustained whiplash, and tissue damage in my back.

“Worse, I was diagnosed with concussion. The double impact had snapped my head forward and back with such force my brain hit my skull on both sides – a common injury for this type of motor vehicle accident.

“The result: headache, sensitivity to light and sound, extreme fatigue, nausea. The feeling like your head is full of sawdust.”
Meed Ward said – “There is no permanent damage in my case. And the only cure is rest, lots of it.”

Rest isn’t something Meed Ward is very good at – she was writing her constituency newsletter at 4:30 in the morning. She did however take the doctor’s advice after “she told me I could either rest over the summer and be fully recovered by the fall, or maintain my usual pace and delay my recovery by six months to a year. So I took the summer off.”

“I’m 95% recovered, with a few remaining physiotherapy and concussion appointments. I expect to be fully recovered very soon. The goal is to be symptom free while maintaining my usual work pace”

We will look forward to another of her requests for a recorded vote on an issue – this city council never tells the public how members of Council voted at Standing Committee meetings. They record the vote at a city Council meeting, which is where the actual decision is made but the way each council member actually voted is not recorded – so much for accountability.

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