Significant debate at city council this afternoon: discussing what they want to tell the Region about intensification.

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September 12th, 2019



This afternoon city council will be discussing and debating one of the biggest problems the city faces: Managing the growth.

In a story we published earlier in the month we wrote:

“Assume just two people to a dwelling (and that is quite an assumption) we are looking at between 29 and 42 thousand new dwellings.”

This was in reference to a study that was done in 2008 when the City undertook an Intensification Study to better understand the intensification opportunities in the City which could accommodate growth to 2031. It was recognized at that time that the City’s supply of Greenfield land was diminishing and a more comprehensive approach to planning for intensification was needed.

That study focused on key areas within the City’s urban area and included a site by site analysis to identify opportunities for infilling and redevelopment. This study, which laid out a general framework for longer term growth planning in the City, determined a reasonable estimate of residential units, people and jobs, which could be provided through intensification by 2031. The study also concluded that Burlington was expected to exceed the 40% intensification target in the Growth Plan that is applied Region wide.

City council on innauguration Dec 3rd - 2018

While taking the applause did the members of this newly elected city council have any idea how big a job they had ahead of them?

The study findings were used to inform the growth analysis work that was undertaken by Halton Region through their Sustainable Halton process, which resulted in population and employment growth forecasts to 2031 as well as intensification and density targets for the City and the other municipalities in the Region.

Downtown model

One of Burlington’s younger citizens uses a Lego model to explain to council just what the city will look like when the development being proposed are completed.

The city is now preparing their comments and input for the 2041 growth targets, That’s where that “looking at between 29 and 42 thousand new dwellings” comes from. That is a massive number that most people are not fully aware of – the Gazette wasn’t around in 2008 – we would have alerted you.

You can watch the live webcast this afternoon.

They will be talking about your future.

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