Slight increase in the Covid count - you can keep it even slighter

By Staff

August 6th, 2021



There has been a sudden jump in the number of new Covid19 infections.

The impact the variances have had is very evident. They are what will create a 4th wave.

Not a severe jump – but a jump nevertheless.

People who are very vulnerable have been hardest hit – that happens when the virus gets out into the public realm.

This is our fight to lose. A look at the chart shows the impacts the variants are having – and new variants are being found.

Being sensibly reasonable and asking those you come into contact  with if they have been vaccinated – and if they haven’t, remove them from your circle.

They might object but the health of everyone depends on everyone doing what we know works.

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15 comments to Slight increase in the Covid count – you can keep it even slighter

  • Tom Muir

    Bob, the positivity rate is the percentage of the tests administered that were positive for the most recent week data are available.

    This is not the same measure as incidence per 10,000 population, however, I can’t figure out where you got what you said about this.

    In fact, today, August 10, as always in Halton’s website, the incidence is measured as cases per 100,000 population (not your 10,000) per week as a rolling average. Today it was 15.1.

    Share your own sources to prove that you read them and know what you are talking about. This concern spreads wide in your repeated comments trying to show to everyone who reads, and especially comments, that you are always right.

    I am particularly concerned about your repeated and false attacks on Dr. Tam and Dr. Vandewald. You misrepresent everything.

    • Bob

      I quoted my source Tom, if you’d have read my statement. In fact it’s the first line of my statement, perhaps you should read it before commenting next time. My source is here
      You then click on Neighbourhood Map, then Cases per 10,000, yes that’s right, 10,000 NOT 100,000
      Today is not the day I replayed to Anne & David so of course our numbers are different, but 15 out of 100,000 as quoted by the original post is hardly 3% and they were saying their area code, NOT Halton, so when doing your own research on the Halton website, do it for the L7S area as I did.
      I am not always right, never purported to be, as I told Anne and Dave, I just quote government sources, same ones apparently that you read. As I’ve stated to you previously I am only quoting the facts as presented by government. I’m not a know it all, far from it. I just know what I’ve been told.

    • Bob

      Please show me 1 false statement made about either Dr Tam or Mr Vandewald.
      Just scroll through the CBC archives to the beginn8 g of the pandemic to find quotes from Dr Tam saying masks would be ineffective or that closing our borders wouldn’t be effective
      Mr Vanderwald was quoted from this very publication

  • L7S where we live is a disaster above 3% positivity rate. Exactly what we predicted after seeing the Lakeshore jam packed when we were home less than 2 weeks e ago because of appointments. Vaccination complacency has not been addressed by our MOH and Mayor as far as we ars aware, but stand to be corrected,

    • Bob

      According to the Region of Halton website, the current case count for South Central Burlington is 11 with a rate per 10,000 of 3.6 which is a long long way off from 3%.
      Perhaps you could quote your source for such a high positivity rate in your area code?
      Are you trying to say that all these people who were on the Lakeshore 2 weeks ago somehow all ended up in L7S area code and spread the virus? You don’t think they took it back to their own area codes? Very strange logic you’re using here. Using your logic, I would assume since you also were down by the lake 2 weeks ago, that the location you are now in would have similar infection rates since you’ve now taken your L7S germs up to the cottage. After all, you were down by the lake yourself, otherwise you wouldn’t have seen all these dirty people right?

    • Certainly Bob article by Louie Rosella Hamilton Spectator Week of July 25-31st. “A new report reveals a Burlington area has a COVID-19 positivity rate that’;s triple the provincial average and nearly quadruple that of Halton Region. ” “L7S has a positivity rate of 3.23” “Halton Region is 0.88%.” When you have been auditing infection control issues and statistics as long as Anne has, almost 40+ years, you don’t make things up and you apologize if you make a mistake that will mislead anyone into believing things are better or worse than they are. Our logic is derived from working alongside internationally respected infection control experts who, like us care about the communities where they live work and play and want to ensure they have the information they need to protect themselves. Vaccinated complacency, i.e. I am OK because I have been double vaccinated is a super spreader in the making. . We do not have a cottage but we do have a place in a small beautiful Kawarthas community on the lake (for less than $3500 annual fees May to October) where 10 x the regular social distancing is not a problem, so no need for masks and watching a beautiful sunset lakeside by ourselves is the norm. . . . .

      • Bob

        I’m sure Anne, whom has been analyzing infection control control issues for 40+ years took into consideration that Joseph Brant Hospital is in the L7S Area Code? It would make sense
        That a higher percentage of people being positive in the area the tests are performed no?
        So these experts you are so confident in, did they all speak up when the Chief Public Health Officer in Canada suggested wearing a mask was dangerous? When she suggested closing borders to international travel would be ineffective? Has now given the go ahead for US travellers to cross our borders?
        The whole basis of science is to question. If scientists all believed blindly in existing science E wouldn’t equal MC squared, we would live on a flat earth and would still be using leeches to draw blood.
        I am by no means a climate or vaccine denier, I’ve proudly gotten both my shots and strongly encourage every one to get theirs. What does get under my skin is when people think their information is more true than anyone else’s. Without proof, it’s just an opinion. Without a link to your source, it’s just opinion and opinions we all have one, it doesn’t mean one is correct.

  • Penny Hersh

    Bob, Viruses when not eradicated mutate. The original Covid 19 virus has mutated to more transmissible ones. The Delta variant that seemed to originate in India has now taken over. There is also the Lambda variant which seems to have originated in Peru.

    As long as many of the third world countries do not get their population vaccinated the greater the chance the variants will continue to become an issue for other countries.

    Every time the virus mutates there is a greater chance that the vaccine produced to stop the first wave will not be effective.

    • Bob

      So you just think we should lock our doors and never come outside again?
      I am well aware that viruses mutate, I’m also well aware of variants.
      I am also aware that we have fallen from +4000 daily cases to less than a 10th of that, and this is the variants the you are so afraid of. Original Covid must be close to eradicated as we keep hearing variants make up over 85% of new cases
      Our hospitals are NOT over run, in fact they are going to start running at 115% capacity through overtime. In the worst of the pandemic when Eric Vandewall wrote on here, capacity was 94%, meaning there was still 21% possible capacity in the hospital, and that’s not including the 94 bed u it that was underutilizes.
      If the federal government was afraid of transmission, they certainly wouldn’t be opening the border to a country full of vaccine deniers next week would they? They get their information from the Chief scientist Teresa Tam and you have to believe the science…that’s been their talking point all along. It is safe to allow foreigners fully vaccinated but our own population has to stay locked up?

    • Most dont get it Penny. It is not difficult to understand how we can enjoy doing what we used to but with a lot more care around how we do it. Church will never be the same breeding ground for whatever infection was floating around that it used to be. We have all had a great infection control lesson. Hopefully those we interact with learnt the same lessons we did!

    • Bob

      If you recall back to March of 2020, the original Covid-19 was so transmissible that we couldn’t touch surfaces, had to bleach every possible surface and masked weren’t going to be effective.
      That according to Dr Teresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer.
      Just how much more contagious is this new variant that our own government (who takes its advice from the Chief Public Health Officer) feels is not concerning enough to open our borders to international travellers and believes holding an election in the middle of the Fourth Wave isn’t an issue?

  • Penny Hersh

    Certainly, no one can be surprised by the rise in Covid cases in Ontario. We still have many unvaccinated residents and with the Delta and other variants overtaking the original virus people need to continue to practice physical distancing and wearing of masks indoors.

    Being vaccinated does not necessarily protect you from contracting one of the variants, it does however, help to keep you out of the hospital. People who are fully vaccinated are being asked to be tested for Covid 19 if they develop symptoms.

    As long as our government doesn’t mandate vaccination for anyone working in the healthcare and education system this trend will continue.

    It is interesting to note that Quebec who has mandated vaccination passports in order to get into restaurants, gyms etc. has had a huge uptake in people being vaccinated today. Guess not being able to get a beer or a hamburger is a much better incentive than just doing the right thing.

    • Bob

      “Being vaccinated does not necessarily protect you from contracting one of the variants, it does however, help to keep you out of the hospital.“

      The original 2 week shutdown when it was declared was so as to contain the virus and stop our hospitals from becoming over run. Our hospitals in Halton were never over capacity. The CEO of Joseph Brant himself posted on this site a few times that they were at apprx 94% capacity and that was without opening the extra 94 beds that were hastily built. The vaccinations are so those who do catch the virus will not be hospitalized and that is happening. Are we going to now close our economy because of seasonal flu which has a mortality of 1000s annually
      Herpes or other STDs which are highly contagious? Let’s close the economy to the opioid crisis which has killed many more people in the last year than Covid…

  • Bob

    What new variants are being found?
    All the current variants have been around before the start of the year.
    In fact almost all we hear about nowadays is variants, so does that mean the original Covid-19 has been eradicated?

  • Vaccination does not mean you dont spread it or contract it. Believing that will cause a 4th wave for sure. The official advice is wear masks social distance from anyone who is not part of your bubble, wash hands etc. The community where we are right now practices these safety matters and that is why we are not in Halton unless we have to be for appointments.