Sneaky, sneaky as well as downright criminal.

Identity 100x100By Staff

January 27, 2015


This is about as dirty as it gets.

Anyone who responded to this email will lose most of what they might have had in a bank account.

The email read like this:

VALUED CUSTOMER, A new Electronic Statement is available. Click Here to sign and update your details for Year 2015.

To review or change your email notification preferences, go to “Profile and Preferences” once inside Online Banking and then select “Email address and preferences”.

Please do not reply to this email, as it was sent from an unmonitored account.

BMO Online is offered by Bank of Montreal.

The Gazette banks’ with BMO. The thief used an email address that is linked to our domain. Somehow they got into the data base that lists the email addresses we have.

Had we clicked on the link they offered – it would have been “toast” for us.

Read email that relates to your banking very, very carefully. If in doubt – don’t.

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