Solid content at the Standing Committee today

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

September 8, 2020



It has been a full week for city council and it isn’t over yet.

Two solid days of significant work, a full city Council meeting at which they passed the version of the Official Plan that Mayor Meed Ward has been pushing since the day she stood on a cul de sac announcing her plans to run for the office of Mayor.

That she was going to run was no surprise – she had her eyes on the Office of Mayor from the day she nominated herself for the Ward 2 seat in 2010.

On Thursday, Council will be doing in depth reporting on four significant projects that are costing millions:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),

Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS),

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and

Business Intelligence Program (BI).

The level of detail they are going to give is impressive. We will cover each of the four in separate articles.

Staff will also be doing a presentation on Managing Change.

The final screen is set out below.


Indeed – what is next?

A number of months ago the Human Resources Department put out a report that was stunning for its transparency and downright painful honesty.

It looks as if the content of that report was taken seriously – the presentation Council will hear tomorrow looks as if it is the beginning of a serious effort to change both the working culture in place at city hall and for a different look at what it means for a person to be a municipal civil servant.

The link below to the Human Resources report is one of the most critical reports council was given – it is well worth a read – that data is close to explosive at times.

That Human Resources Report


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