Some city streets to be closed two different weekends during the summer.

By Staff

Bicycle lanes will be painted on Appleby Line and Walkers Line and on- street parking on those two streets south of New Street will be prohibited.  It was a struggle to get this through both a committee and a council meeting but they got it done.

Despite Councillor Sharman’s concern over the lack of any measurement on the traffic flows before the lanes got painted he should not be seen as opposed to cycling.  He just wants to have some data on hand before and after the lanes are painted so that the city will know if they did the right thing.

Some of the "old timers" on city council need to take a rest from time to time. Councillor Jack Dennison takes a break while riding the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure last year.

No data – but much more bicycle use this summer. During two weekends streets will be closed to vehicles and the roads available only to cyclists.  During Ken Greenburg’s Inspire lecture at the Performing Arts Centre the mayor announced that parts of Appleby Line will be closed the weekend of June 10th and on July 15th streets in the city will be closed in conjunction with a festival taking place.

More details as we get closer to the event.

Expect to see Councillors Sharman and Dennison out on the street with their bicycles.  Councillor Meed Ward is game for this type of thing so expect to see her there with her girls.  Will Councillor Lancaster be seen at a community event?  Will Councillor Craven lighten up just enough to get out and have some fun?   Councillor Taylor  has a bicycle and if he feels his dog needs some exercise – he might well be there.

The Mayor will most certainly be out on the street.  Interesting question is what kind of a bicycle will he ride and how many people will he draw.  Are we going to be looking at some interesting T-shirts?

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