Some movement on $$$ BLOMHA won – pretty slow response from a major multi-national with dozens of national brands.



By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  June 5, 2013  They didn’t say very much but they at least said something.  It would have been nice if the public relations agency that ran the Kraft Canada  Game Goes ON contest  had communicated with the various hockey clubs around the country on how the processing of the prize money was going.

This red button got clicked thousands of time by minor hockey associations across the country.

Minor hockey associations across the country used two days in April to corral every person they could find to click on that red button on a web site and rack up votes for different levels of prize money.  It was quite a public relations feat – that kind of went sour when it took so long for the prize money to actually get to the clubs.

Burlington`s minor hockey association entered the contest and ended up one of the five Ontario Regional winners.  When the prize money didn’t show up Our Burlington started asking questions.

John McNeil put together the team that took on the Games Goes on Challenge that won BLOMHA a $20,000 prize.

Here is what we got from Sherri-Lyn Brown, with the public relations company that ran the contest:  “Please see the response below from Joanna Milroy, Senior Consumer Promotions Manager, Kraft Canada.”

Kraft said:  “Thank you for your inquiry. Each of the winning communities can expect to receive their prize money in the month of June. We look forward to seeing the impact that these funds will have on the Burlington Lions Optimist Minor Hockey Association.”

Each of the prize-winning clubs want to say thank you for what they won – they will probably do so a little less enthusiastically.  Pity.

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