Source of some of the Identity Theft turns out to be local - Ancaster resident being held on a warrant to extradite him to California.

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March 18th, 2017



The arrest earlier this week of Karim Bartov. a technically brilliant young man, who lived in Ancaster is both sort of local news and a look into how thieves steal your money and when they can your personal identification.

They use a process call phishing – which is basically an email sent to you, which you might want to respond to if you think it comes from an organization you do business with. Your bank, Netflix, Canada Post and Apple are just a few of those we have seen used.

Karim baratov - raking it in

Karim Bartov flashing a big handful of $100 bills.

The thieves buy tens of thousands of names and fire off an email to see who might bite – thus the word phshing.

Where do the names come from? – the young man from Ancaster arrested earlier in the week had hacked into the Yahoo web site and took hundreds of millions of names and sold them to others.

Those names were your identity which they were selling to people who would use them to send out those emails that pop up in your incoming email.

Karim with girls

The cars were fast -hat about the women?

There is almost no limit to what they creeps will do.

Karim Bartov was arrested earlier in the week on a warrant from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for breaking into the Yahoo computer servers where billions of names and all kinds of personal identity information was stored.

Bartov’s skills were such that he was able to actually take over the operation of the software that controlled the servers.  He is accused of working with federal Russian agents

The following is an example of a phishing attempt:

With the introduction of our company into the US and Canada markets, We are currently seeking services of a Representative and Accounts Receivable Personnel/Manager. These positions are on part time bases, requires less than 4hrs weekly and pays between 5,200 to 10,000 monthly with other benefits.
If you are interested this position, visit our website below and click on BECOME A FIDUCIARY AGENT fill out the form and send to us for more information
We look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards,
Willaim Gifford.
If you no longer wish to receive information regarding this offer, please reply to this message with the word “Unsubscribe” in the subject line.

This one is filled with red flags.

The amount they are offering to pay for a few hours work appeals to the greed that we all have.

The Christian name of the sender is spelt incorrectly.


Karim Bartov – a selfie of a selfie

The final insult was the line saying you could unsubscribe. When you do that you have given the thief a name that he knows will respond to something,

When you see what to you doesn’t look right – respect your instincts – delete the email – and remain vigilant because there will be more of them.

The Gazette was talking to a bank manager on Friday who casually said he had cleared an Identity Theft claim for more than $7000 – “and that was just one” he added.

Bartov is now in a Hamilton jail cell awaiting a bail hearing.

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1 comment to Source of some of the Identity Theft turns out to be local – Ancaster resident being held on a warrant to extradite him to California.

  • steve

    It’s not technically brilliant to use deception, via phishing, to gain entrance into, people’s or business, accounts. You apply yourself long enough and you catch fish, lots of them. It just takes the willingness to commit a major crime. His career lasted, two, maybe three years. If he himself was writing the code that allowed for all of this, then yes he would be technically brilliant. He simply use the virtual crowbar of someone else’s creation.