Spring show will feature glass, more glass and some of the most beautiful glass seen in this city.



By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON. April 17, 2013  Teresa Seaton has been working with stained glass for more than 10 years. “I have been moving my studio around my house since 2001, starting in the furnace room to the spare room in the basement to the basement itself. Gobbling up more and more space from the family. When I began to threaten a move upstairs to the great room the family said I had to go”

A Re-Opening – interesting way of putting it – new location for Seaton, a move next door for Edy Roy – either way – delights for the eye at both.

And go she did – all the way out to a spot steps away from Royal Botanical Gardens where the room is bright and there is a sunset to die for.  Seaton works late – just to be able to watch that sunset.

“I had been eyeing a space in front of the RBG for over two years. Luckily I just happened to be able to squirm my way in there thanks to both Matt and Kyle of Edy Roy and the acceptance of Jerry the owner of the property.

This is a 20 ft x 6 ft. work table; weighed a ton – made out of solid wood. Set up where the view is superb, the sunsets are great – Seaton may never go home

So here we go!  Seaton was off.  “One of my biggest expenses was my work benches. Thanks to Joseph Bauman and his team my dream has come true.  I have waited 10 years for this.”

The official studio hours are Thursday through Sunday 11-7, but you’ll find Seaton there most days. If the SUV is out front she is in the shop.  Feel free to drop in.

While the move is a huge and very welcome change for Teresa Seaton, it just might be the beginning of a small artist colony in the west end.  Seaton’s operation is right beside Edy Roy where some of the best glass work being done in this country is on display.

When it comes to glass art – it doesn’t get much better than this.  Work like this is sold in New York, Milan and Paris.  Burlington is fortunate to have an artist of this calibre in the city.  Kyle Books – some of her best.

Having the two beside each other (and having Easterbrook just down the street) makes this an irresistible reason to Go West.

Matt Robertson tends to be playful with his glass.  Light, exceptionally well executed, his work will catch the eye of many.

The “official opening of the two studios when they will show off all kinds of glass is Thursday April 25th.

Expect to see more from Seaton – she has been commissioned by the city to do the awards that will be given to the city’s BEST at the Civic Awards later this year.  Novel work.


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  • Thanks for the plug. It should be a fun evening. We will be debuting the large format photographs of David Galway as well as having our favourite local musician Andy Griffiths providing some tunes. Hope to see you there.