Standing committee stands down and prepares to meet as a city council to approve the draft Official Plan and send it along to the Region.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

April 26th, 2018



They have been at it for two days.

Official-Plan-Binder_ImageAfter a grueling session on Tuesday planning staff returned to their desks in the evening and worked through much of the nigh to craft responses to questions that were asked during the day.

It was much the same for some of the members of council. Just about everyone is going flat out.

With all this going on the members of council begin to move into election mode – nominations open on Monday.

The Standing Committee has worked its way through three different tables that list the matters that have to be debated and discussed. The planners have been working on the language that they feel should be used in any changes that are made to the current draft of the new Official Plan which they hope to get approved and shipped off to the Region.

The work being done now is the foundation on which development and construction will be done.  The developers have been sending in developments almost weekly; one was dropped off at city hall last Friday; Deputy city manager Mary Lou Tanner said it was 1000 pages long.

The Standing Committee met at 9:30 this morning, handled one concern and then did their Receive & File process and adjourned. They will meet at about 10:30 this morning as a city council and apparently approve the draft city plan. Not much notice for people who might want to delegate on this critical document.

There is a question that has lingered over the way this new Official Plan has come to be and that is: What’s the rush?

We may never know.

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3 comments to Standing committee stands down and prepares to meet as a city council to approve the draft Official Plan and send it along to the Region.

  • Perry Bowker

    Steve, the staff and council have done a very poor job of communicating understandable information, despite the funny numbers of ‘touches’ they claim. Their presentations have been weak to the point of embarrassing, but worse, their public meetings have been sprung at random and often with short notice, and they appear to have not listened to anyone until recently.

  • Penny


    Now the real work starts. If residents cave now why did they even start the process. Residents need to work together to make changes at Council. This decision can be reversed with a new Council. Help elect the candidate of your choice.

  • Steve

    Just because you haven’t liked the answers does not mean that staff hasn’t kept the public informed and explained why the old OP needs replacing.

    Why the rush? How about 374 Martha St?