Students who arrive at school with empty stomachs need support.

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September 19th, 2017



Every teacher in the Region realizes that if a student is hungry, if they did not have a breakfast the chances of that student absorbing what is being taught are rather slim

And there are students at high schools in Burlington who get to school without a full breakfast in their stomachs.


Halton Learning Foundation executive offices.

The Halton Learning Foundation was created to develop a source of funds to fill these gaps in the lives of students.

Nicole, is a high school student who lives with her father who is financially limited.

Her mother lives in a care facility due to her very high medical needs.

Nicole works at a part time job to help support the family financially, while also juggling her school work.

Funds from Halton Learning Foundation help Nicole purchase food for school lunches, as well as toiletries.

Her need was identified by teacher at her school. The request for funding is sent to the Foundation by the school principal.

Lesley Mansfield

Halton Learning Foundation Executive Director Lesley Mansfield.

Lesley Mansfield, the Executive Director of the Foundation, is on top of every request for financial support. “If the need is desperate we can have funds in the hands of a student before 3:00 pm if we are made aware of the need by 9:00 am”.

Last school year the Foundation met 780 requests for financial support; the year before that the number was 657 requests – a year over year increase of 17%. Mansfield does not expect the number to decrease.

The Foundation is supported by corporations and the Halton District School Board teachers. They hold an annual Benefit Bash to raise the $800,000 plus that is needed each year.

While the economy of the country and financial conditions in the Region are good – there are some who are not able to participate in the prosperity. They need help – that help comes from people like you.

If this is something you would like to direct your donations to – look at their web site and see if this is something you want to be part of. For more detail – give Lesley Mansfield a call – she is one of those people who somehow makes a work day last more than eight hours.

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Nicole is not the real name of the student; the situation however is very real.

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