Swans are getting looked after - there are now a reported 1000 of them in Ontario

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March 15th, 2021



Harry Lumsden, pictured below,  the retired Ministry of Natural Resources Biologist who brought Trumpeter Swans back to Ontario in the 1980s after they had been extirpated for 100 years, with Bev Kingdon who has been with the Trumpeter Swan Restoration project since its earliest days, together at LaSalle Park, Burlington on March 10th 2021.

swans and bev

The swans appear to be doing just fine.

We now have more than 1,000 Trumpeters in this province again, thanks to Harry, Bev and all the other volunteers with the project.

Our thanks to Vince Fiorito for bringing this to our attention

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3 comments to Swans are getting looked after – there are now a reported 1000 of them in Ontario

  • Wendy

    We enjoy the Trumpeters here on Lake Simcoe too! We have learned a lot through this Trumpeter Swan organization as well. Love seeing all the photos! So glad to hear that they are coming back from near extinction.

  • Phil Waggett

    The swans that overwinter at LaSalle are Trumpeter Swans–with a mild winter, there aren’t as many there as there are during most winters; many sightings of these swans around open water in numerous locations around southern Ontario. Also at LaSalle at Mute Swans–a European species that was introduced years ago. Burlington residents might also see flocks of swans migrating north at this time of year–these are primarily Tundra Swans, a native species that nests as the name suggests in the Arctic.

  • Steve

    Nice to hear some good news in these lousy times.