Show time for the Mayor and an interesting approach to fund raising for the city.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON October 15, 2011 – The Mayor has gotten into show business and in the process changed one of the major fund raising events in Burlington.  Traditionally the Mayor has held an annual Gala to raise funds for projects the Mayor feels will advance the development of the city.

The city has not held a Mayor’s Gala for a number of years.  Former Mayor Cam Jackson didn’t hold a Gala during his last year in office.

Current Mayor Rick Goldring hasn’t been in office for a full year yet and he has put forward his approach to Gala’s.  When asked where the idea for his approach came from he responds with: “I had the idea before there was a stick in the ground and I just grew it”.

Burlington's Top Talent will take to the stage - Sound of Music will screen the performers.

So what is the Mayor going to be doing?  The Mayor’s Cabaret – and it will take place February 24,  2012  What’s a Cabaret?  A night of local talent on the biggest stage in town.

Here’s how it is going to happen.  The Mayor has partnered with the Sound of Music people to choose who will take part in the Cabaret.  The Sound of Music people certainly know something about show business and by having them do the selection takes any favouritism out of the Mayor’s office.

There will be ten acts and tickets to the event will be priced in the $100. range.  That plus some corporate sponsorships and the mayor thinks he can raise upwards of $100,000. During the first year those funds will go to the Performing Arts Centre.  Where will funds go after that?  Mayor Goldring isn’t sure yet but with seven more years in office – expect this man to come up with some interesting ideas and know that the environment will be in there somewhere.

Goldring Galas for the next seven years?  You thought the Mayor was elected for just four years – true – but do you really think anyone is going to manage to challenge a Mayor who has brought tranquillity to a council that was torn with division ?  Burlington has a council that is focused, about to release a Strategic Plan that is significantly different than anything else this city has seen.  There is going to be a very different approach to developing the budget as well and a demand that staff report on the city’s financial affairs in a more timely manner.  The city will never see a surprise surpl

The Mayor won't be dancing.

us of more than $9 million again and the significant infrastructure (road repairs) deficit will get whittled down over time.  You can expect much sounder civic direction from this council.

The city will see long range plans that address vital issues coming forward in the next six to nine months and a significantly different environment that has the potential to create a more engaged and responsive senior civic administration.  Staff are now working with a council that appreciates the contribution they make and the intellectual energy they bring to their jobs.

Sometime in the very near future a new city manager will be hired who will tighten up the team that leads the city day to day.  While morale isn’t bad the new city manager will mould the seniors manager into a team that works with council.  We will get away from the distancing that ruled in the past and we should see a much tighter working relationship between senior management and council.  It will be a healthier place for everyone.

What we won’t apparently see is a mayor wearing tap dancing shoes the opening night of the Cabaret.  The Mayor doesn’t dance.

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Mayor spreading his wings and getting into show business; about to become an Impresario.

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON  October 7, 2011  – Well, talk about being proactive and putting your money where your mouth is – Mayor Rick Goldring has cast a new image for himself and is about to become an Impresario.  He is going into show business and has announced that he is putting on a Cabaret, with the tag line “Life is a Cabaret my friends….come to the Cabaret!”

His Worship is going to dance before the bright lights. Will we lose him to Broadway?

The event will take place February 24, 2012 at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. It will be a variety show featuring acts in a many genres – from musicians to dancers to magicians to comedy. This is sure to be a spectacular evening with a focus on local talent.

Funds raised from the event will benefit the Burlington Performing Arts Centre and the Sound of Music Festival.

Tickets will be available through the box office beginning November 1, 2011.

In addition to a wonderful show, there will be a cocktail reception and silent and live auctions.  The Mayor`s Cabaret is open to submissions from entertainers. More detail on the submission process will be posted very soon.

Kudo`s to the Mayor for this one.


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