Burton reported to be ready to resign from Police Services Board - calls a Special closed meeting of that Baird for the 15th

Newsflash 100By Pepper Parr

January 11th, 2021- 9:45 pm



From a source that has never let us down before we were told that Oakville Mayor Rob Burton has or will be resigning as Chair of the Halton Regional Police Services Board.

In an email from Burton to the Board members they were advised that there will be a Special Meeting of the Board.

Burton said: “In response to concerns regarding Chief Tanner’s recent travel to the U.S., the Halton Police Board will be holding a special meeting on Friday January 15th to obtain legal advice.

“This meeting will be closed to the public, as permitted under the Police Services Act. The Board will deal with the matter at its next public meeting 9.am. January 28th, which will be held by Zoom.”

Chief Tanner was reported to have left Canada and entered the United States with a person who is the president of a nationally known advocacy group that has chapters in Burlington, Oakville and Milton.

Early reports were that Tanner had sought permission from Chair Burton to travel who said that at the time, the first day of the province wide lock down, that he had no objections.

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