Target liquidation sale is going to take more of your money than you expected: 10% discounts appear to be the norm at this point.

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February 5, 2015


They weren’t lined up trying to rush through the doors at the Target store in the Burlington Mall but the parking lot was pretty full.

Target - security guard

Security seemed heavier than usual. Crowds certainly weren’t heavy.

The line ups at the cash register were decent and, surprisingly, staffs were very pleasant. They are all going to be out of a job within the next eight weeks.

The discounts weren’t great – there were some items marked down 30% but the bulk of the items had 10% discounts.
What was really different was the amount of security – they were all over the place.

I’d not experienced that level of experience during previous visits to the same store. I didn’t shop Target all that often – the selection wasn’t what I was looking for.

The sale will go on for a number of weeks – everything is to be sold – inventory, furniture, fixtures and whatever isn’t nailed to the walls.

There might be some bargains in the closing days.

The Starbucks in the Burlington Mall location was closed as was the pharmacy.

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