Tellier suggests that the Burlington business association get in bed with the one in Aldershot.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

October 20th, 2020



During the lengthy and very detailed report on Planning Department plans going forward given by Interim Director of Community Planning Jamie Tellier, a couple of gems were dropped on the table.

BDBA logoHe told council he wanted to plant a seed – take a look at the way the Burlington Downtown Business Association (BDBA) works (Tellier called it a BIA) and consider adding the Aldershot BIA to the work the BDBA does.

The downtown merchants have used special shopping bag promotions in the past. Last summer we all got to see BDBA General Manager Brian Dean in shorts that must have been on sale somewhere.

BDBA Executive Director Brian Dean working his territory.

Tellier saw community planning as something that doesn’t work all that well with boundaries

He might have added that it is perhaps time for a BIA to represent the commercial activity in and around Dundas, especially on the eastern side of the city.

Expect to see Brian Dean, current Executive Director of the BDBA, delegating on that issue.



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