The audacity of the man - he had six days to make up his mind. He fails to meet the deadline and then asks for the date to be changed.

council 100x100By Pepper Parr

September 4th, 2018



After giving ward 4 Councillor Jack Dennison six days’ notice to confirm that he will take part in a debate with his opponent and failing to confirm his attendance, ECoB reluctantly made the changes it had to make to its schedule and published the dates of each ward level debate and the location.

The very reasonable deadline Dennison was given ended at noon.

The Gazette published the dates and location Tuesday afternoon.

ECOB logoThe problem arose when ECoB realized that there was a city council meeting on the 24th, which was a serious conflict for Dennison. ECoB offered to change the date, which meant making changes in several of the other ward debates and asked Dennison to advise that he could and would attend on the second date they chose.

Dennison was given six days to decide. ECoB needed conformation by noon of the 4th. They didn’t hear from Dennison so they proceed to publish the dates so that all the other candidates could organize their time and prepare for the debate,

At just before 11:00 pm this evening, Tuesday, ten hours after the deadline, Dennison informed ECoB by email, that he would attend on the revised date and wanted the debate date changed – and he wanted all the questions he would be asked provided to him beforehand.

ECoB has been put in the awkward position of looking like a bunch of amateurs who can’t organize an event.

Thurman - Kearns - Hersh

The people that make ECoB work are, from the left Dania Thurman, Lisa Kearns and Penny Hersh. Kearns resigned from the organization and registered as a candidate for the ward 2 city council seat.

They have decided, as they should, that they will not change the dates. Dennison is free to attend on the 24th at 7:00 pm. ECoB has said they welcome his participation.

As for getting the questions in advance – not a chance Mr. Dennison. For two reasons – that is not what a debate is all about and ECoB doesn’t have all the questions yet.

The questions that will be asked will, for the most part, come from the audience who are at the meeting.

Why did Jack Dennison change his mind – hard to tell but the behaviour is consistent with the way Jack Dennison sees his world.

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4 comments to The audacity of the man – he had six days to make up his mind. He fails to meet the deadline and then asks for the date to be changed.

  • Lynn Crosby

    And we have Paul Sharman who refuses to participate in a debate planned by ECoB because they are apparently “disrespectful”. WOW! What a statement, especially coming from this councillor … this is how he thinks about citizen volunteers.

    They just keep demonstrating why we need a new, positive group of fresh thinkers and respectful people.

  • Marshall

    Jack is well past his best before date. I have the impression that he represents himself. We must have a Councillor who will listen to the voters of Ward 4 and then will take their ideas, wishes, suggestions through to Council and its committees.

  • Bonnie

    Lynda, you should seriously look at the platform of the strong contender Shawna Stolte.
    I know she would be pleased to meet with you.

    It is evident to me that at seventy-five, it is time for Council Dennison to retire., A position on city council should not be a life long job.

    Our city is changing rapidly and contenders who are ready to take on the challenges should be given a place at the table in this election.

  • Lynda

    A message for Jack. You have been my ward 4 representative for the 20 years that I’ve lived here. You really have no excuse not to show up at this debate. If you don’t attend then you will not get my vote. I will let all my neighbours know when the debate is. Your lack of participation speaks volumes.

    If you can represent this ward for so long, then you can answer a few questions from the people who voted you in..