The Chief is still the Chief. Police Services Board announces it has full confidence in Stephen Tanner

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January 21st, 2021



The Chief catches a break.

The Halton Police Board Resolved that;

The Halton Police Board has full and unequivocal confidence in Chief Stephen Tanner to remain the Halton Regional Police Service Chief;

The Board expresses its disappointment in both the former Chair, Mayor Rob Burton, for granting permission to Chief Tanner to travel to the United States, for not obtaining the consent of, nor notifying, the Board and in Chief Tanner for his decision to ask for permission and for travelling to the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic notwithstanding his property-related issues in Florida;

The Board accepts Chief Tanner’s apology for his decision to travel and will take no further action;

The Board accepts former Chair, Mayor Rob Burton’s apology and thanks him for his service to the Board and the Service;

The Board commits to reviewing its policies related to vacations, leave, continuity of leadership and the pandemic, especially international travel guidelines, and directs the CAO to subsequently develop and present amendment proposals for consideration at the earliest possible opportunity;

And to be transparent, the Board directs the Secretary to immediately release minutes of the special meetings held on January 15, 16 and 21, 2021, to the public.

  • Halton Police Board and Halton Regional Police Services remain committed to Community Safety and Well-Being.
  • Halton has retained its distinction as Canada’s safest regional municipality with a population of 100,000 or more for the eighth straight year.
  • Halton has the lowest Crime Severity Index* (CSI), Violent Crime Severity Index, and Non-Violent Crime Severity Index when compared to Ontario’s “Big 12” police services;
  • Had the lowest overall crime rate, violent crime rate, and property crime rate among Ontario’s “Big 12” police services;
  • Had the highest weighted clearance rate (49.8 percent) of the same “Big 12.”

With a stronger and more transparent process in place, the Halton Police Board remains steadfast in our commitment to the safety and well-being of our community.

The Halton Police Board is a seven-member civilian Board that provides strategic oversight to the Halton Regional Police Service. Under the Police Services Act, the Board has legislated responsibility for the Police Service’s operating and capital budgets; strategic planning; policies, and priorities. The Police Board’s fundamental responsibility is to ensure that adequate and effective police services are provided to the citizens of Halton Region.

The Halton Police Service released the following Statement from Chief Tanner:

Chief of Police Steve Tanner explains that Social Media is not the same as a 911 call

Chief of Halton Regional Police Service Steve Tanner

I sincerely appreciate the full and unequivocal confidence the Halton Police Board has placed in me as Chief of Police. I will continue to lead our police service in the exemplary manner the Board has come to expect, and will always do my very best for our members, citizens and for the community that I am sworn to protect.

Regardless of the personal property related reasons for which I travelled recently, or the permission that I sought and obtained for that travel, I am remorseful for that decision. I have previously apologized openly to all of our members and to the public. I also regret the impact that this has had on Mayor (Chair) Burton who has stepped down from the Halton Police Board as a result of his decision to support my travel.

I look forward to continuing my service and to providing leadership to our community and to our police service members to the very best of my ability throughout the years to come.




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3 comments to The Chief is still the Chief. Police Services Board announces it has full confidence in Stephen Tanner

  • Terence

    Next time I get a police ticket I’ll say I mentioned it to the officer in question, show tremendous remorse in court, apologize to the judge, smile at the camera, and poof just like that it’ll disappear and I’m back at the trough.

    Life’s good in Burlington! At least for the privileged – I think there’s more to this than meets the eye eye nudge nudge!

    • Eve St Clair

      Don’t forget the box of cigars for every official you deal with because that seems to be the winning factor

  • B Mirrlees

    Game, Set, Match!