The GO BOLD mobility team is rolling into Aldershot on Saturday May 13th.

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May 1, 2017



Next stop on the Mobility Hub train is in Aldershot.

Saturday May 13th: 10:30 to 12:30, East Plains United Church, 375 Plains Road East

The City is developing detailed plans for the “mobility hubs” around the Go Stations and they want to hear what the good people of Aldershot think about the idea

The public are invited to share ideas on a long-term vision the city is creating for the area around the Aldershot GO station.

Centre ice - fully engaged audience

It was a very engaged crowd with hundreds of questions.

The workshop will be led by City staff and external planning consultants.

The audience that attended the Burlington  GO station event was close to capacity.

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2 comments to The GO BOLD mobility team is rolling into Aldershot on Saturday May 13th.

  • Tito

    Wastewater sewers and treatment facilities are a Regional infrastructure.

  • Stephen White

    At the time I am writing this it is pouring with rain outside. I just drove from my office on South Service Road down Appleby Line. The rain on the roads is inches deep. The storm sewers are backing up. There is real potential of flooding in southeast Burlington….again!!! Remember August 4, 2014.

    At the time of the 2014 flood a number of us asked about the impact of intensification projects on the municipal infrastructure, particularly storm sewers and wastewater facilities The Mayor and Councillors assured us there was nothing to worry about. I recall attending a meeting at which time a chart was displayed showing the amount of monies Burlington spent on wastewater upgrades versus other parts of Halton Region. We lagged far behind Milton and Oakville.

    If we intensify development in the mid-corridor area of the City, and development in the north end continues, where is all the rainwater going to flow? It can’t penetrate into the soil anymore because the land is developed. Despite what Stockwell Day said in the 2003 federal election water doesn’t run uphill. Does this mean residents in the south section of the City are at increased risk of flooding? Has a projection or analysis been done to evaluate the impact?

    And while we’re at it: I noticed in south Oakville that there have been a number of major projects to upgrade sewers and wastewater treatment facilities…seven on Lakeshore Road alone between Maplegrove and Coronation Park. Uh, where are the wastewater upgrades in south Burlington?

    Before we start fixating on intensification projects perhaps our Mayor, Council and the Planning Department should pause and reflect on whether or not we have the necessary infrastructure supports in place to handle the volume.