The job was to sound like a Mayor - a ribbon cutting should not have been the first public event for the Mayor Elect.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

October 24th, 2018



This is not a good sign.

A ribbon cutting is to take place today to announce the opening of a new Bad Boy store on Fairview; a ribbon cutting will be part of the event.

Photo ops are old school.

Ideas, action, policy and a change in the way the two former Mayors communicated with the public are what the voters expected.

Mel Lastman

Noooobody – Mel Lastman

We got a notice that Bad Boy is opening up a location on Fairview and that MPP Jane McKenna, Mayor Elect Marianne Meed Ward and former Bad Boy Honourary Chair Mel Lastman himself will be on hand for the ribbon cutting.

You can bet that he will holler Noooobody at some point in the ribbon cutting.

It is nice to see the words Mayor Elect before Meed Ward’s name – hope she does more than get her picture taken.

The optics on this event are not very attractive.

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7 comments to The job was to sound like a Mayor – a ribbon cutting should not have been the first public event for the Mayor Elect.

  • Terry

    I agree with Pepper, not an appropriate first appearance for a ‘MAYOR ELECT’ – the opening of a Big Boy store with Mel Lastman – really tacky – presumably Mayor Goldring wisely passed up the opportunity, which should have rung a bell or two!

    I appreciate that it does take time to fully understand and absorb ALL the responsibilities of the Mayor’s Office BUT it also points to the fact that MMW needs a competent and trustworthy Chief of Staff who understands, among other things, the optics and the protocol of the position – maybe this should be the lesson learned!

  • Chris Lynch

    Pepper you really need to get a grip on reality – it would be a welcome change from your endless negative and in many case irrelevant commentary.

    You appear to believe that MMW has, after only 3 days from the election, totally abrogated her responsibility to those who voted for her simply, because she is attending a store opening.

    Over the past few months your “newspaper” has become nothing more than a vent for your ever increasing paranoia. Time to, gracefully, depart stage left.

  • Don Fletcher

    I wouldn’t make any serious deductions from this one photo op about Marianne. Please remember that this is a Councillor who has been treated for years as an outlier on Council, the one (1) in many 6-1 votes, ignored and then personally attacked in a tough election campaign. She has now been redeemed and fully empowered by the electorate and given a largely malleable new council to work with, to the surprise of the “old boys” establishment. Let’s cut her a little slack over the next few months as she establishes her new footing!

  • fj

    Can anyone confirm that the Mayor elect was actually cutting ribbons, on the news I saw Mayor Goldring at this event. The Mayor elect Marianne Meed Ward will be sworn in on December 3rd for duty.

  • Ben Tuinman

    I agree fully that the ribbon cutting at Bad Boy was a photo op for our mayor ELECT….bad start ! I am afraid that we better get used to seeing Marian Meed Ward’s picture in the media in the years to come ! I remember past mayors having been criticized for precisely that > photo ops ! Let’s hope that she delivers on her promises. Respectfully,
    Ben Tuinman

  • Russ Campbell

    Will be nice to see Mayor Elect Meed Ward out and about in the community so soon after her election. As I understand the situation, her term of office does not officially begin until December 1, yet here she is performing useful public relations as she welcomes a new retailer to our city. There are those who might have taken a month’s vacation, but not our new mayor.