The music is fine and the living is easy – summer on the waterfront.

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON. June 14, 2013.  The Saturday is the blowout day for the Sound of Music – the day they pull out all the stops and begin with a parade with every possible group they could find to take part.  As events in this city go it at times beats even the Santa Claus parade – except they don’t have the big guy in the red suit.

There is a new parade route this year.  It starts at 11:00 am. at Central Park; travels along New Street and James Street to City Hall; then turns south on Brant Street, west on Lakeshore, ending at Maple Ave., featuring as always Burlington’s own Teen Tour Band and Junior Redcoats.

With the parade ending the music begins.

Here is the lineup for the first half of the day.

People will certainly want to get out onto the pier and take in the view.

Then back for the evening schedule.

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