The pictures tell the story - how are we looking?

background 100By Pepper Parr

February 8th, 2018



The look of a building says a lot about the people in it.

It is sort of like the way you dress – you are making a statement.

In the municipal world the opening statement is the look of city hall and then the look of the council chamber.

A look at the way that city council communicates with its citizens is another part of the way a city administration is seen.

The Gazette decided to look at other city council chambers and compare them with what we have in Burlington.  All the images used were taken from the web site of the municipality.

Our focus was on what a citizen sees when they go on line to watch their civic government doing the business of the people.

Visual - city council full

Fuzzy image is the best the Gazette could get from the city web site.

Oakville in COW

Oakville Town Council sitting as a Committee. Note the timer that tells a delegator how much time they have to speak.

Region - Carr

Regional Chair Gary Carr.

Full region

Regional Council – even though it is a wide angle picture it is still possible to tell who the members are.

Milton full council

Milton Council

Milton - member speaking

Milton council members are in focus.

Milton delegation

A citizen delegating to the Town at a Milton Town Council meeting

Oakville staffer

When Town staff are speaking in Oakville the document they are referring to is shown on a screen as well as the person speaking. A viewer can follow the explanation being given.

Oakville delegation

In Oakville anyone watching the proceedings has a clear image of the person delegating with their name shown.

Our comparatives were: The Regional government which is located in Oakville, the Milton council chamber and the council Chambers in Oakville and Halton Hills.


Citizens of Burlington at a council meeting – this is the way the world sees us.

Lisa delegation

A Burlington delegator: Lisa Kearns deserved better.

Debby Morrison

Deb Morrison

The images of delegations in Burlington are fuzzy, hard to identify and the speaker is not identified.

Web cast technology is being very well used in our sister municipalities in the Region.  Burlington’s web image is of exceptionally poor quality.  Doesn’t live up to the Grow Bold, Grow Smart and Grow Beautiful statement that comes out of city hall.




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1 comment to The pictures tell the story – how are we looking?

  • Lonely Taxpayer

    While they’re at it, swing those Burlington councillor’s big TV screen monitors down to a desk level angle. Citizens delegating to council to be able to see the elected official’s face without obstructed views.

    Upgrading the image should be a quick, low cost & easy fix – and if it isn’t, then rename the webcast: Blur-ington City Council.