The Rise of Canadian E-Commerce and How Web Design Comes into Play

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December 20th, 2020



The marketplace is changing, and nowhere is this more apparent than with the Canadian e-commerce boom.

While this increase in e-commerce sales has been growing for quite a while, only recently has the true weight of this trend become fully apparent.

How E-Commerce Took Canada By Storm
First, the facts: in total, there was around a 99.3% increase in retail e-commerce sales in Canada in May 2020 compared to February of the same year. This totaled about $3.9 billion in sales.

Those are huge numbers, but they are indicative of a much larger trend that has continued even over previous years. For example, e-commerce sales have recently doubled with a 110.8% increase compared to May 2019.

That’s a big jump in only a little more than a year. Digital industries, more than any others, are set to rise in the coming decade.

While it’s clear that COVID-19 and personal shopping restrictions definitely played a role in this astronomical growth, it’s also clear that e-commerce has been on the cusp of exploding for quite a long time. All the tinder needed was a match to light the first spark.

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Covid has taught how to use online retailers – now to find an organization that can do the job.

Now, this development has the potential to restructure the entire Canadian retail industry from the ground up. For example, retail sales plummeted by 29.1% from February to April 2020 (which, admittedly, is in lockstep with the coronavirus restrictions that were rolled out across the country).

Still, it’s hard to deny the advantages that e-commerce inherently has over retail locations:

It’s easier than ever for people to find more products that physical stores may not have.

Ordering online often feels more convenient than visiting a physical store – even when grocery shopping!

Most e-commerce stores now offer free shipping, putting their prices equal to or more affordable than prices for equivalent products in retail stores

All in all, the future is abundantly clear: e-commerce is the way of the future for retail in Canada and beyond.

Winners and Losers – How Web Design Impacts Successful E-Commerce Stores
This being said, not every Canadian retail outlet will automatically benefit from huge profits over the coming months and years. Factors such as web design, which affects the look, navigation, and loading time of an e-commerce storefront or website, will determine which retail outlets will be successful compared to those that fail.

The reasons for this are relatively obvious:

People would much rather spend their time on a site that feels easy to navigate and fun to use rather than have to navigate a site that’s clunky and unintuitive

Furthermore, people are more likely to recommend an e-commerce site (and bring in more business for the retailer) if they appreciate their experience while they are there

Perhaps even more importantly, good e-commerce web design can provide credibility to a retailer. It shows that they know what they’re doing

Does Great Web Design Really Matter?
Absolutely! Knowing the benefits that well-designed eCommerce sites can bring to any retailer, it’s more important than ever before that companies build their digital storefronts with excellent web design agencies.

It may particularly be a good idea to hire a domestic agency if you’re looking for great web design in Canada, as these agencies will be able to craft an online space that’s perfectly tailored to your industry and unique needs.

But regardless, any retailer looking to take advantage of the rise of e-commerce in the Canadian market should look for an agency that:

can successfully identify customer pain points
can build a website that addresses those pain points
can provide a fast loading and intuitive web experience for all users

Time will tell which retailers rise to the challenge and craft new e-commerce stores with the capacity to grow and capture new markets.

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