The Rocca Sisters advise that Burlington is currently a housing 'sellers market'

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December 18th, 2018



With inventory levels at a five year low for this time of year (with the exception of 2016 when inventory levels were low because properties were selling within days of being listed), Burlington prices, as would be expected, increased by over 7% as compared to November 2017.

Sales were down over 11% and days on market were up from 34 in 2017 to 45 in 2018.

House for sale sign

Burlington described as a sellers market for home owners.

The median days on market is a more useful statistic in this type of market which was at 27 for the month of November.

This corresponds better with the conditions and suggests that well-priced properties in desirable areas are selling quickly, efficiently and for about 7% more than they did last year. With just over 2 months worth of inventory on the market at the end of November, Burlington is firmly in the Sellers Market territory.

The data that supports all this is set out below.

Rocca Nov 2018 sales data

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1 comment to The Rocca Sisters advise that Burlington is currently a housing ‘sellers market’

  • D Walker

    I mean, I find it hard to say that all of Burlington is a “sellers market” right now. As is specified lower in the article, if the property is “well-priced” and in a “desirable area”, it will sell quickly. Otherwise, the data also suggests that many areas saw price drops, fewer sales, and more days on the market.

    (11 of the 19 neighbourhoods show price drops from 2017 to 2018, and 11 of the neighbourhoods show a longer amount of time on the market.)