The sandbox is now his to run as Chris Glenn has the Acting taken away from his title. Congratulations..

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  March 1, 2012  The acting part of his career ended last night and this morning Chris Glenn enters city hall as the Director of Parks and Recreation.  It is a well-earned change to his title and while it won’t make any difference in his work load, it should make a difference in his pay cheque.  It is also the first step in the several that newly minted City Manager Jeff Fielding will be making in the ranks of his senior staff.  This one was easy.  He now has to resolve the Acting Executive Director of Finance and the Acting General Manager, Development and Infrastructure – there are some musical chairs involved in these two.

Chris Glenn has been with the city for some time, working his way through various departments but always coming back to parks and recreation which may have been the result of a summer job as a life guard at a swimming pool a long time ago.  He has been serving as the Acting Director for a number of years while a medical disability  leave of absence for the former Director worked its way through to completion.

He is no longer "acting"; it's now the real deal as Chris Glenn gets appointed the Director of Parks and Recreation for the city.

Glenn works with General Manager Scott Stewart and is frequently Stewart’s go to guy when there are some awkward negotiations to be done.  Every problem that cropped up with the development of the Alton community got resolved to some degree because of the steady hand Glenn brought to the table.

When you put a city administration, a school board and a library board all in one room and direct them to “work it out” you know there are going to be some fundamental differences of option and provincial rules and regulations that have to be dealt with.

The community centre that is made up of a high school, a community recreation centre and a library is now under construction.  The interminable meetings that got everything to the point where a shovel went into the ground were stick handled to a large degree by Glenn.  The actual construction of the Alton community is under the direction of the Halton District School Board – it is up to their people to ensure that the project comes in on time and on budget.

Burlington served as the lynch pin that pulled all the pieces into place and ensured that the needs and interests, of each group were fully understood and to the degree that it was possible, were met.

Developing executive level talent requires the kind of human resources leadership that is part talent scout and part strong administer with an ability to move people from department to department to give them mixed experience and at the same time asses the competencies.  Roy Male, Executive Director of Human Resources does this job for the city.  He has watched Chris Glenn grow over the years and while his comments made to city council in a closed session are not public, he must take a sense of pride in watching Glenn grow into this position.

Glenn now has to deliver on the expectations senior management have of him.  Expect to see a well-run operation with some surprising flashes of innovation. His patience and sound understanding of the way people work and what can be efficiently and effectively delivered have been in play for some time.  He can now go forward with a more satisfying sense of his authority.




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