The search engine on the city web site is a huge improvement. If the transit service ever works this well we will be the best city in the country.

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September 30th, 2017



It is better.

Much better.

Exceptionally fast.

The techies at city hall have switched the search engine on the city web site from what we think was the Google engine to something called Cludo.

It is a very significant change and a huge improvement.

Search engine cludoGoing to the city web site for information was more often than not a frustrating exercise.

We want to spend more time playing with this new search engine – at first look it is good, very very good.

The one thing we would have liked to see is the date of the information – and perhaps ranking them by date – maybe that will come later.

Kudo’s to whoever found the new search engine and convinced the city manager to go with it.

The service the city uses is called Cludo – we suspect some organizations might want to look into this for their own web site.

When you do a search information appears very quickly – keep your eye on the box that appears on the right – it breaks the information out into the kind of data that is available.

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