The selling of high end condominium units in the downtown core has begun - The Gallery has been announced.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

October, 12, 2018



It is the first step into a new level of development for the city’s main street.

There are those that are comfortable with the development; there are those that love the development (and that isn’t just the developer) and there are those who think it is the beginning of the end of their city as they know.

It is a major part of the election that will get decided in less than 10 days.

421 from James

The view from the corner of Brant and James.

So what are the optics of the developer beginning the process of converting the ground level space of the building from a restaurant to the sales office for what is going to be known as The Gallery – A Carriage Gate development?

421 from Brant

The view will be a lot different in two years.

421 name - windowThe building now has a coat of white paint – we don’t know if that is the base for something more imaginative – certainly hope so.

Politically, we think that some of the candidates wish the developer had waited a couple of days.

But winter weather is closing in and with Climate Change one never knows what the weather will be.

Get that paint on while the weather is decent – and optics be damned.

There are five years of change for this intersection – seven if the development on the other side of the street gets approved.

Change is coming at several levels.

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3 comments to The selling of high end condominium units in the downtown core has begun – The Gallery has been announced.

  • chris

    Will the empty store fronts be visible on rogers hometown hockey? Sorry, I know this is off topic.

  • joe gaetan

    Pepper how do you know they are “high end” units,did you mean “high priced”? What will determine whether they are high end or people storage units, will be the finishes, the amenities, the amount and kind of parking, the width of the hallways, the ceiling heights, whether it is a Leeds building, and so on. One broker is calling it “art inspired living”, whatever that means.

  • Susie

    Nice signage, they should have just continued with their present: ELEVATE LIVING TO A HIGHER ART (by adding on) “coming soon” – CONSTRUCTION, ROAD CONGESTION, CLOSURES AND DETERIORATION, SUN & LIGHT GONE FOREVER TO ADJACENT BUILDINGS, NEW BOLD GIGANTIC STRUCTURE DWARFING THE NEIGHBOURHOOD FOREVER!! A city decision gone very wrong, and will go down in history as a “oops”, all for the mighty $$$ thinking today. So sad!