The sweet subtle sound of a flute and some of the best gossip you are ever going to hear about giants in the world of classical music.

eventspink 100x100By Pepper Parr

April 29th, 2016


A young musician who got hooked on history from her music teacher in high school is going to take to the stage of the Performing Arts Centre May 12th and put on a performance that is a combination of her playing her flute and film clips about the composers who wrote the music she plays.

The film clips are not going to be dry or dusty history explains Hayley Marie. The music during the period of time she is focused on – 1870 – 1910 was boisterous, ribald and vibrant and has been with us for more than 100 years.  Titled “An Evening in Paris” the performance entertains and informs – you will see classical music a lot differently when you walk out of The Centre.

Eyes with evening in parisThe classical music we know today came out of that period when Debussy, Ravel, Saint Saens,Faure, Wido rand Satie were both writing and performing.
France had taken a terrible beating during the Franco Prusian War during which there was a 135 siege of Paris forcing people to eat horsemeat. France was prostrate on the world stage.

It was out of that terrible defeat that France rose politically, economically but most importantly culturally.

The world saw the first of the Impressionists –Renoir and Monet were painting during this period. And the music just flowed.

Hayley Marie ties together both the music and the story behind the men who wrote the music. It is fascinating – gossip at its very best. She has a fierce interest in preserving the human side of classical music fired by a desire to show how these musical giants interacted with the society they were a part of – it wasn’t’ always a pretty picture.

On bench - white dress - flute

Hayley Marie Remple

Concert goers in the Paris that Hayley Marie Remple talks about was not polite society. Applause was loud, displeasure resulted in booing and throwing fruit at a performer. Patrons were known to jump up on their seats and shout. Fisticuffs were not unusual – Passions of people who were fully informed about the music they were listening to rose quickly – and everyone had an opinion.

The composers were real people with real problems, some had significant addictions and some had personal lives that would rival anything you read about Mick Jagger or Elvis Presley.

Hayley Marie, a Governor General Award winner and three time performer at Carnegie Hall walks on to a stage to present a performance that is part of a month long five province tour.

Remple has performed in southern California, Connecticut, Montreal and Winnipeg. In 2009, she completed her first concert tour of Germany and France.

A century after the deaths of these towering composers scholars are still studying their work and music The France she is going to reflect built the Eiffel Tower and created the statue of Liberty that was given as a gift to Americans.

May 12th – 7:30 pm

Performing Arts Centre

Tickets $35

Box office

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