There is a very sick mind out there - someone should be ashamed.

News 100 blackBy Pepper Parr

July 23, 2015 2015


The Gazette has received two reports of an absolutely disgusting piece of paper being stuffed in mail boxes in the Roseland community.

This is not literature. This is not a political statement.

This is garbage; this is disgusting and belittles everyone in the community.

Someone created a document with graphics about Justin Trudeau and abortion.

There is nothing political about the document.

There is a sick mind out there – the people who did this need help.

Politics is the exchange of ideas and ideologies. Differences of opinion are healthy; they are necessary for am society to grow.

What was stuffed in mail boxes in Roseland yesterday is a society at its worst.

We are better than this. Someone should be ashamed.

We are not going to reproduce the document – not because it is about a Liberal and we do have a liberal bent of mine but because it is disgusting.

No one has the right to foist this kind of garbage on people.

Those who received a copy of the document should turn it over to the police.

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14 comments to There is a very sick mind out there – someone should be ashamed.

  • Received this flyer in our door (Alton) and mailbox (Centennial Dr area) yesterday. Appears to have been hand-delivered overnight. I agree with the others that have posted, content is not suitable for this type of medium.

    I removed it from several of my neighbours homes who had not yet seen it.

  • Vince Fiorito

    I also got this disturbing card with graphic images of aborted fetuses and hate propaganda against Justin Trudeau in my mail box. Not much offends me, but this crosses a line.

    Children sometimes retrieve the mail. Inevitably young children are going to see these graphic images. What right do these people have to circumvent the right of parents to control what their children see? I followed the link to the website to read their justification for deliberately trying to harm children. These people believe that their cause is so important they have a right to harm child and offend people.

  • Shannon Gillies

    I found my repugnant piece of mail yesterday in downtown Burlington. This isn’t just about attacking Trudeau. It’s an attack on all women. As a conservative-minded woman who’s very much supportive of, and vocal about, protecting women’s reproductive freedoms, I want this group (Campaign Life Coalition, if that’s who is in fact distributing this) to know that other conservatives will not allow them to speak for them in this disgusting way.

  • I left a massage with the web site that I found their message appalling. No reply as of yet. What a surprise….

  • tenni

    This distribution went far beyond the Rosedale area. It was distributed to houses in the Maple area. It was jammed in the door frames(which doesn’t help keep heat inside during the winter. We have community mailboxes and it was not delivered by Canada Post.

    I think that it may not be a hate crime though. It is hate mail. It targets one person who is a leader of a political party.

    Hate crimes are difficult to prove.

    It may be an interesting idea to find the location and go and protest in person to this group.

  • The people that are handing out the hate mail are volunteers for the group Campaign Life Coalition. The two individuals that I confronted were only teenagers.

  • John Sweeny

    I saw the people delivering the “flyer” and it definitely wasn’t Canada Post.
    There was a woman (probably 30-40) and a younger man(late teens early 20s).
    I didn’t realize what they were distributing until I went out later and checked my mailbox.

    If I had I would certainly have said something to them.
    Whichever way you lean on this issue, I am for a women’s choice, this type of material is unacceptable.

    Free speech has limits as we know and what about my right not to see this type of material.

    Something should be done? I am onboard for any ideas that folks may have.

  • Hans Jacobs

    If there is no law against this garbage, then one needs to be created.

    Re: Jason’s no reply from the Post – That’s to be expected. IMO it has sunk to the level of being primarily a means of delivering several pounds of advertising flyers.

  • WarningU2

    By the way it was hand delivered as our mail delivery is suspended due to construction

  • WarningU2

    Received it last night in my mailbox. It should not be legal to distribute this !

  • tenni

    I received a postcard sized slur of Justin Trudeau. I’m not sure why posters here are not disclosing the content of the flyer? It was about abortion. I have seen these people standing on the corner of Maple and Fairview lined up with anti abortion statements. I do not recall if they dared put aborted fetus on the home made signs. Canada is a democracy and they have the right to protest. I counter protest by giving them the finger as I passed by. They don’t protest the undemocratic behaviour of the present government though.

    I support Canada’s long standing position of letting a woman and her doctor decide about her body. I do not support these extremist radicals..dare I write so self claimed “Christian extremist”. If there is any wing of any Canadian political party that supports these disgusting people I am unaware of it. The present government has taken the stand that there will be no vote during the present government but these disgusting tactics are used to slur one opposition party when all parties do not support what these wacko extremist want. Why is it that these fanatics have chosen only one opposition party to link to aborted fetus images? They print what I consider lies on the topic and jam it in my door. They post their website and a phone number. They call this a human right violation.

    There are sick people in Burlington and Oakville supporting this group. They should be watched for further terrorist behaviour because that is what it is. This goes beyond the political attempt to impose their religious beliefs on to others. It is from these groups that extremists have murdered doctors in the past.

  • A friend of mine in Mississauga had one in her mail box and she notified the authorities in her area and the press and only got a response from one person, her councillor. Hopefully someone will catch the delivery person in the act. Any chance it is being sent out through Canada Post?

  • I’m glad somebody in the community is finally reporting on this. I received one near the end of May and reported to the Police, The Burlington Post, Paul Sharman (Counselor for my area) and Rick Goldring (Mayor). The police & Paul Sharman told me there was nothing they could do about it, since it wasn’t a crime but they also demanded me to remove the postcard images from Twitter for which I tagged them in. So basically, sorry we can’t/won’t help you but we don’t want to see it ether >:/ The Mayor basically just said he’d look into and for me to email him. (But if the police won’t do anything, what could he say or do?) I never got a reply from The Burlington Post

  • Carol Gottlob

    The disgusting piece of paper you are referring to reached my home in Burlington and my friends’ homes in Oakville, so I assume it is being widely distributed, and I agree, should not be. Thank you for the idea of turning it into the police. I was going to write to the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform who hold the copyright, but I’d rather not deal with perverted people, and I do not want them to have access to my in-box as well as my mailbox! I wonder how many children in our neighbourhoods reached into the mailbox to get the mail for Mom or Dad, and ended up coming across this? It’s a free country, but there are boundaries that need to be respected.