They are going to do the shebang or be the shebang? Who the shebang knows - Sunday the 7th is when its taking place.

theartsBy Staff

May 24, 2015


A Shebang? A what? You’re calling it close encounters of the creatively collective conscious? Really.

AKA as a cool art event happening at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre with Burlington/Hamilton based professional writers, musicians, dance artists, singers, actors, costume designers and media artists.

And they are known as the shebangs?

BPAC Ballet-Creole-Outreach-Event

Is this dancer doing the shebang?

The Ten Tour BAnd won't be in the FAmily room at the Performing Arts Centre but there will be kids running all over the place. Some will get to tickle the keys on the Grand Piano in the Main Theatre.

Does it mean the whole shebang showed up?

Collectively they form The Burlington Shebang and their first public encounter is June 7, 2015 from 3:30-5:00 pm.

Does that help?. It didn’t – did it ? Here are some clues Trevor Copp, Tomy Bewick, Leslie Gray Shannon Kitchings, Bridget Alanna Bezanson and Lisa Ann will be doing the shebang – did I get that right.

It’s a Sunday afternoon gig or is it a shebang ? Is that like West Indian dance ?

I think you’re just going to have to go and take your chances.

There was no mention of prices – sounds as if it is free.

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