They are sent out by the tens of thousands - if you don't recognize the address - ignore them.

Crime 100By Staff

September 1st, 2019



Scamming people is a full time job for some people.

They never let up.

You can defeat them by just paying attention.

You don’t cross the street without looking both ways or making sure the light is green – unless of course you’ve glued your eyes to the cell phone.

The cardinal rule is – If in doubt – don’t.

All one had to do with this scam on those who have Pay Pal accounts is to look at the address it came from – that is not a Pay Pal address.

Pay pal blocked scam

This would have been sent to tens of thousands of people whose names were bought from some ‘black’ source then used to attempt to trick you. Look at the email address the notice came from set out below – that isn’t Pay Pal.

Pay Pal part 2

Always look at the address the email came from. If you don’t recognize it – don’t open the email.

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