They are still trying to trick you - crude effort to get information out of you - rule # 1 - If in doubt - don't

IDTHEFT 100X100By Staff

October 26, 2027



Attempts to trick you into responding to a message you get in an electronic piece of mail are never ending.

The thieves out there see this as an easy way to steal – they seldom get caught – for the most part they live on the other side of the world.

For those of you who are Scotia Bank customers it might have been tempting to respond to the following:

Crime stoppers Scotia scam

An email attempt to get information on your bank account.

One of the first clues that this is an attempt to steal from you is the quality of the graphics – a bank would never send out something as crude as this.

Second – look at the address line. Doesn’t say it comes from a bank.

Third – what is it you are being asked to verify?  Banks never do things like this by email – they will telephone you


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