They do work, inconvenient yes, but seat belts, have been around for 36 years and really do work.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON April 12, 2012  Has it been THAT long?  Thirty six years? Just to remind us that the things really do work the Halton Regional Police announced today that they will be on the prowl the week of April 14 – 22nd with their Spring Seat belt Campaign.

While, apparently, 95% of us “buckle up” sadly, motor vehicle collisions are still the leading cause of injury-related deaths among children and youth and it is mandatory for anyone who transports children to ensure they are properly secured in an infant seat, child car seat, or booster seat.

When installed correctly, child car seats can dramatically reduce the risk of death for infants under age one, and children aged one to four.

The Halton Regional Police Service will utilize a multi-faceted approach during the campaign, assigning all three District Response Units, uniform patrol officers and volunteers to the task of catching those who don’t “buckle up” and reminding us or perhaps ticketing us..

Deputy Chief Bob Percy wants you to know he is overseeing a multi-faceted program to remind you to "buckle up". He is arranging to have those who don't to be ticketed.

Deputy Chief Bob Percy remarked, “Despite traditionally high compliance rates, our Service will continue to educate motorists and enforce seat belt legislation to serve as a reminder the importance of proper use of restraints, child car seats and booster seats.”

My personal experience with seat belts got very “up front and personal” when a car swerved in front of the van I was in – the air bag protected the driver, the seat belt kept me in the car – but did crack my sternum.  Without that seat belt I would have gone through the windshield.  Want to thank that nurse at the York Regional Hospital for the great care as she watched over me in the their  Intensive Care Unit.

The things do work – so “buckle up”.


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