They were all elected - my goodness - what did we do

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

September 9th, 2020



The event was basically over.

MMW at transit funding Sept 8

Mayor at an event announcing funding for transit.

Each of the politicians that was going to speak had done so – it was time to head on to the next event.

The news was that three levels of government were going to contribute to new transit – buses, infrastructure upgrades that brings new buses to the city.

Throughout the event, which was chaired by the Mayor, she kept referring to this being an event that was worth dancing about.

Little did this reporter know that they would actually do just that – dance.

The video doesn’t lie CLICK here for 20 seconds of politicians kicking up their heals.

Your tax dollars at work for you.

The announcement that they all danced about.

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6 comments to They were all elected – my goodness – what did we do

  • Lisa Cooper

    Someone want to give the Mayor a tutorial on the proper way to wear a mask, and the members of council perhaps on physical distancing also. Surprising since we (the Public) have been shamed into falling in line with their mandate. Beyond embarrassing, you get what you vote for.

  • fran - tyandaga

    It will be interesting to see the “scorecards” on how the investment improves our overall transportation infrastructure, the “uptake” and adds to the “greening” initiatives.
    Two articles in the Hamilton Spectator today worth noting “should empty buses make way for ‘microtransit’?” and “Woodstock tries new tech to cut greenhouse gases”

    perhaps too early to be dancing?!!

  • Alide Camilleri

    Diesel? Seriously polluting. How could the mayor et al be so ignorant and go for that?

  • Penny Hersh


    I totally agree with you – this is embarrassing, and totally unprofessional. I expect more from the people elected into office.

    There is nothing to dance about – this money comes with financial municipal funding that we don’t have. Also why diesel buses? Does this not lock this city into diesel instead of electric buses?

    What happened to the “green” initiative this council indicated was to be followed?

  • Hans Jacobs

    If they’re happy and want to dance – why not?

  • Wendy

    Seriously !!! How embarrassing