They will do everything they can to take your money from you - the fraudsters are still at it.

identity-theftBy Staff

October 15, 2104


They just never quit.

This one crossed our desk. There are occasions when your bank will send you a note saying there is a problem but those occasions are rare – and when they do send you a note they ask you to go to a branch of the bank or call someone at a number they give you.

When you get something like the following – delete it and move on.

One of the reasons the fraudsters continue to do this is because some people respond – and that often proves to be very expensive.

Dear Scotia OnLine Customer,
For your protection, you must verify and update your Scotia card online,
before you can use it!
We will verify that the update has been performed and remove the restrictions placed on your Scotia card.
If you choose to ignore this message does not leave us no choice but to temporarily block your card Visa / Mastercard for your safety!
Sincere greetings from Scotia Bank Online

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Her is how they do it – identity theft.


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