Thieves pilfer purses while people visit the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

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June 20th, 2019



There is no level to which a thief will not descend.

People visiting a cemetery park their cars and leave a purse, maybe a camera, maybe a small computer. They won’t need them during the visit to the burial plot they want to spend some time at.

One can almost imagine the conversation a thief would have with himself – no one will expect anyone to rob a car at a cemetery – but that is exactly what was done at the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery earlier this week.

Police have been investigating several thefts from vehicles that have occurred since the beginning of June in Burlington (Aldershot) at the Royal Botanical Gardens and Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

Suspect(s) gained entry into several vehicles through unlocked doors and by smashing windows after which they stole purses and subsequently used stolen credit cards at various locations in Hamilton.

holy-sepulchre cemeteryOn June 18th 2018 investigators arrested Richard James BLASDELL (49-yrs) of Brantford for his involvement in these occurrences. He was released on a Promise to Appear in Milton Court on July 11th 2018 charged with the following offences:

• Theft under $5000 (three counts)
• Fraud under $5000 (two counts)
• Possession of property obtained by crime under $5000 (two counts)

Police are reminding the public of the following prevention tips:

• Ensure your unattended vehicle(s) are kept locked/secure
• Never leave personal identification or valuables in your vehicle
• Park in a well-lit and attended areas whenever possible
• Never leave spare keys in your vehicle
• If you have to leave valuables in your vehicle, lock them in your trunk. Don’t tempt thieves by leaving packages or purses in plain view or on the seat.
• Remove garage door openers, GPS navigation and cell phone devices & power cords from your vehicle or at the least, removed from view
• Consider installing CCTV / Surveillance cameras which can capture the crime and aid in suspect identification

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