This apple is not going to improve your health - it could damage your wallet.

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May 14, 2017



What is wrong with this email?  It says it is from Apple – I am not an Apple user – so why would I respond to it?

Also – it is not from Apple.

The clues – and you need to learn to look for them.

Apple scam May 12-17

Emails like this are flooding the internet – doing a lot of damage to the finances of individuals and costing the banks and the credit card companies a small fortune – billions.


The address it came from – does have the word apple in it – but it isn’t from the Apple organization.

The mis-spelling of the word security is the biggest clue.  Major corporations don’t make that kind of mistake – should it happen they would correct it in second.

Should you click on any of the places they ask you to – you have started the process that could well end up with you losing your identity to someone else – who can do you a lot of harm.  How much damage can they do – check out this story we published.

Be careful, be cautious.  when you cross the street you look both ways – do the same with email.  The internet has brought us huge changes – and with those changes come some problems.  If the email you get looks to good to be true – that’s because it isn’t.  The thieves are relying on your gullibility and your greed.


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